Jealousy twist: Juhi to trouble Avni in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni spend some romantic moments. He tells her that he will apply her sindoor today. Avni gets away from him. Neil pulls her leg. He gets the sindoor box. He tells her that he has gone mad and saw in movies that if wife applies much sindoor, husband’s life gets long. The sindoor falls on her face. She gets allergic to it. She gets itching. She tells him about her allergy to colours. She asks him to call Neela. Neil gets worried.

He calls Neela and tells the allergy problem. He gets the remedy. Avni gets angry with him. She says you don’t know anything, I have to do something. Neil didn’t wish to trouble her. She says I don’t have any allergy to sindoor, how did the colors come in this sindoor box. She gets rashes and starts sneezing. She gets angry on him. She tells him to see what his stupidity did. Their nok jhok continues. Neil thinks who added red colour in sindoor box. He will be finding Juhi’s doings.


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