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Meri Durga: Sanjay and Durga’s haldi ceremony gets done. Dadi and everyone apply haldi to Durga. Durga enjoys the function. Sanjay takes selfies with her. Durga’s family graces the function. They stay away from Sanjay’s parents. Sanjay tries to delay thing to irritate Durga. Durga knows Sanjay is fooled by his parents. Sanjay hates her now. Durga wants the rasam to end fast. Sanjay’s parents insult Durga’s family on their poor status. They ask Yashpal to match to their level. Yashpal promises he will keep the marriage functions as per their status by doing all his best.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Aaliya tries to prove Pragya is Munni. She tells Abhi that Pragya is missing and Munni wants his property. Pragya tells them that she can prove she is Abhi’s wife. She claims Aaliya is a liar. Abhi doesn’t get convinced by any of the evidences produced by her. Abhi and Dadi get angry on Pragya, when she tries hard to prove herself. The women ask Abhi to accept Pragya. Abhi refuses to believe Pragya. He demands her to leave from his house.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti falls in big trouble. JD is torturing her to know who is her lover. Pankti has told the truth to Ahaan. Ahaan doesn’t care for her truth, as he doesn’t believe that anyone has right to buy Pankti. Pankti faces JD’s anger. She refuses to give in when he constantly asks her to reveal whom did she meet. Pankti hides Ahaan’s name, so that JD doesn’t trouble Ahaan. JD hits Pankti. He badly injures her. Pankti falls unconscious. Anita and Purva get her to the hospital.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Sudha is creating a confusion in Anami’s mind. Anami falls in unwanted traps. She doesn’t trust Lal Mahal members. She gets Vatsalya’s diary. She reads the diary to gain strength by Vatsalya’s words. She reads it out to Narottam. She tells him that Vatsalya always wished good for him, he cared for him, he couldn’t show his worries. Anami gets emotional. She tells Narottam that Vatsalya dearly loved him as a brother. Narottam misses Vatsalya. Anami doesn’t know what she is doing.


Neil and Avni spend some romantic moments. He tells her that he will apply her sindoor today. Avni gets away from him. Neil pulls her leg. He gets the sindoor box. He tells her that he has gone mad and saw in movies that if wife applies much sindoor, husband’s life gets long. The sindoor falls on her face. She gets allergic to it. She gets itching. She tells him about her allergy to colours. She asks him to call Neela. Neil gets worried.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj learns the clients are coming for the deal. He is advised to get his wife in the party. Adhiraj tries to seek permission from Maasa. She reminds him the promise, to keep Devi away from business. Adhiraj wants to get Devi in party. Maasa doesn’t allow him. Devi hears them and gets determined to attend the party if her husband is willing to take her. Adhiraj and Devi make a lovely pair in the party. Urmi and Maasa fail to communicate in English, just like Adhiraj. He has to do a business deal with the foreign clients. Maasa and Urmi do the aarti of the clients and welcome them home. Devi talks in fluent English. She praises Adhiraj. She tries to get the deal for Adhiraj. Maasa gets much angry on Devi. Adhiraj gets impressed by Devi.


Suraj and Chakor come back to haveli. Bhaiya ji throws a grand welcome party for them. The haveli gets well decorated for their welcome. The villagers arrive to meet Chakor. Bhaiya ji does the aarti for Suraj and Chakor. They get surprised hearing good things from him. Bhaiya ji prays for Chakor’s child. He asks Lord to bless Suraj, Chakor and the coming heir. Bhaiya ji does the maha aarti with the family. He recalls Suraj’s childhood days.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi reaches police station. She wants to take Laksh’s help. She starts doubting on Deep, after Sushant revealed Deep’s truth to her. Laksh has hope that Aarohi will help him in solving the case. He asks her why did Deep buy two similar bracelets. Aarohi wants to find the truth. Aarohi tells Laksh that Deep is a nice man, he loves her a lot, she doesn’t doubt him. She says I was wrong to come here to take help, you have made a story and held my husband wrong, its not useful to talk. Laksh stops her. She asks him to help her find Sanaya.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren is going to marry Surbhi. Pooja makes Surbhi ready for the marriage, as she had promised before. Naren asks Pooja how much will she make him wait, did she run away. Pooja says its not possible that your marriage happens without me. She ties him the pagdi. She hides her tears. She finds him broken. Naren drinks wine to lessen his sorrow. Harish is worried seeing them getting apart again. Pooja makes Naren ready and takes him to mandap. The big twist makes their love story incomplete again.

Pooja tells Harish that they have to handle Mr. Kapoor first. She wants to end the game of lies before Naren’s marriage. Naren tries to commit suicide, while Supriya reaches him on time and stops him. Naren stops himself. Mr. Kapoor has evil plans to murder Pooja. Rahul becomes his aide in his plan. Pooja gets aware of Mr. Kapoor’s evil planning and gets prepared to tackle him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira and Kartik get ready for their Greece trip. They dance happily. She finishes her packing. Kartik tells his plans. They look forward for their trip.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush and Roshni have an argument. Piyush asks Roshni to accept her mistake. Roshni tells him that she has really seen someone in the room. He says I always compared you with mum and thought you are my strength, but today I feel you are my weakness. She says I m right, I didn’t do any mistake, how can I deny what I have seen. He asks her to stop it. Roshni doubts Anjali is making Sameer and Sanjana away. Anjali has trapped even Roshni.


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