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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi attempts to ruin the family portrait. Ishita fails Simmi’s plans. She understands Simmi’s hatred for the family. Ishita and Raman spend some time. Raman takes care of her. He tells her that he is drawn to her since he has seen her, but he doesn’t know the reason. He feeds the food to her by his hands. Ishita and Raman live their old moments. The children get happy seeing them. They get hope that Raman will get fine soon. Simmi fails to stop Raman from being with Ishita.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay gets Durga’s academy papers. He threatens her. He asks her to earn the papers by crossing all the hurdles, while fulfilling the marriage functions. He tells her that he will give her the papers if she passes. She refuses to believe him. He asks her to think about her family and dreams. Durga agrees to him. Durga’s family is happy with Sanjay. Yashpal doesn’t want anyone to taunt Durga in her inlaws. He does all the arrangements. Shilpa shows her style to match with Ahlawat family. Sanjay tells his parents that he has got Durga’s weakness. He is sure she will do whatever he tells her. Durga gets ready for the haldi ceremony to get the letter. Durga also prepares for facing everyone, no matter what happens.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa reaches Banaras and meets Anami’s foster mother. She tells the reason for her coming. She tells Madhu that she has come to take Laddoo/Lakshya with her. After a long argument, Satrupa asks her to permit her to take her son. Madhu has always lost Anami. She asks Satrupa how can she come to snatch her children. Satrupa reminds that she has given birth to Anami. She tells Madhu what’s happening in Lal Mahal, how sorrow has over controlled Anami, so she has come to take Lakshya for Anami’s sake. Madhu refuses to send her son with her.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant meets Laila to break the news about him and Ahana’s relation. Laila expects him to propose her. Anant tells her that he has taken her advice seriously and considered to get remarried. Laila gets happy. Anant tells her that the credit goes to her. She tells him that they can make their life better anytime. She wishes he tells her family about them soon. She tells him that she is thankful to him for his decision. Anant then reveals Ahana’s name to them. He asks Laila for her permission to marry Ahana. Laila gets a huge shock.


    Shivay and Omkara decide to reveal the truth to their wives. Rudra values their honesty. He encourages them to go ahead. Shivay tries to tell Anika the truth. He tells her that he was kidding by that foolish story, but it really turned true. Shivay tells the complete truth to Anika. He accepts his mistake, which he doesn’t even remember. He apologizes for breaking her trust. Piya gets to hear him and realizes Shivay was really wishing to be true to his wife. She thinks Shivay has earned Anika’s trust. She gets impressed by his honesty. Anika tells Shivay that she didn’t hear anything. Shivay decides to retry and reveal the truth.


    Neil scolds Vidyut to answer him for all his bad remarks. Vidyut gets glad knowing Juhi has fooled him about Mishti. He maintains the lie to play with Neil’s emotions. He taunts that Neil is scared of him that Avni can fall for him. Neil gets angry on him. Bebe and Ali try to cheer up Juhi. They encourage Juhi to give time to Mishti and maintain patience in changing Mishti’s mind. Juhi tries to bond with Mishti. Mishti obeys Avni and refuses to celebrate Diwali with Juhi. Shweta praises Avni, which makes Juhi jealous.


    Naksh and Kirti have cute moments. Naira and Kartik tease them for being new love birds. Kirti turns shy. Aryan learns he is Manish and Suwarna’s son, but was kept away just because of Kartik. He wants to meet Suwarna and confront her, but loses courage. Aryan goes through an emotionally shattering moment. He controls his emotions. Suwarna and Aryan leave for Singhania house. Dadi worries for Kirti’s married life. She asks Kirti if Singhanias keep her happy or burden her with workload. Singhanias women treat Kirti well. Dadi gets happy. Manish wants Kartik’s first project to be the best. Kartik learns Manish’s expectations. He determines to keep everyone’s expectations by working hard. Naksh gives him best wishes.


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