Sanjay to blackmail Durga in Meri Durga


Sanjay gets Durga’s academy papers. He threatens her. He asks her to earn the papers by crossing all the hurdles, while fulfilling the marriage functions. He tells her that he will give her the papers if she passes. She refuses to believe him. He asks her to think about her family and dreams. Durga agrees to him. Durga’s family is happy with Sanjay. Yashpal doesn’t want anyone to taunt Durga in her inlaws. He does all the arrangements. Shilpa shows her style to match with Ahlawat family. Sanjay tells his parents that he has got Durga’s weakness. He is sure she will do whatever he tells her. Durga gets ready for the haldi ceremony to get the letter. Durga also prepares for facing everyone, no matter what happens.

Sanjay tells her that she will get a surprise in some time. He blackmails her about the academy letter. He hurts Durga and holds her at knife point to convince her. Durga’s family comes to be part of the ceremony. Sanjay tells her that she will never get free of him now. He asks her to come for the haldi. Durga gets troubled by him. She manages to reach in haldi on time and pass the test. Sanjay tells her that she will get a chance to get the letter till she keeps fulfilling the rasams. He tests her patience. Durga loses her mind when things go out of hand.


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