Big twists amidst Dadi’s birthday celebrations in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay spend some quality moments. He holds her when she falls while dancing. He asks her to always support him if he stumbles. He tells her that he loves her a lot. A wonderful moment creates between them. Omkara too tells Gauri that he will always support her and share her work, so that they succeed together. Gauri gets delighted with Omkara’s love. Rudra cares for Bhavya. She gets hurt while decorating the house. He stops himself from going to her, but sends someone else for help. Bhavya learns Rudra’s concern. Everyone gets fine at home. Dinky feels unhappy with them. She wants to break Anika and Gauri’s pride over their husband’s loyalty.

She changes the pendrive prepared by Anika with the one which has the Obros scandalous performance with Piya. The entire family gets together in Dadi’s birthday arrangements. Dinky plans to spoil the fun. The family surprises Dadi.

They all celebrate the eldest member’s birthday with all the love and togetherness. Dadi gets happy to have her united and happy family. She feels lucky to have a family like them. She tells them that she is proud of them. Dinky tries to break the peace. Anika tells Dadi that she has planned a surprise for her.


Piya becomes part of the celebrations on Obros’ request. She sees Dinky hiding something. She gets suspicious about Dinky. She tries to find out what is Dinky upto. She learns Dinky’s plan of playing the video and exposing Obros’. Abhay gets adamant to meet the supervisor. He forces an entry in the industrial unit when the guard stops him. Abhay fights with the men to get an entry. When he gets caught, Shwetlana helps him. She impresses Abhay and wins his trust.

Anika gives the surprise to Dadi. It all goes all well because of Piya, who tries to fail Dinky’s planning in time. Dadi thanks Anika for her well thought surprise. Anika and Gauri thank Dadi for all her support and guidance. They are grateful to Dadi for giving such good values to their husbands. Piya alerts the Obros about Dinky’s planning. Piya tells them that Dinky will do anything to play the video in the party. Obros get worried. They think of stopping Dinky. Gauri tells Dadi that their husbands are really Lord avatar for them.


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