Preeto’s drama to provoke Harman in Shakti


Preeto makes Mohini leave from the house. Harman supports Preeto. He tells Harak that when it is about his mum, he doesn’t listen to anyone. He gives a warning to Harak. Preeto has planned this to stop Harman at home. She doesn’t know how to manage the things. She angers Harman using Mohini. Harak is also putting efforts to make Harman stay back and do a son’s duty.

Mohini asks Harak to stop Harman and Preeto. Harman says I will not tolerate anything against Preeto. Mohini asks Preeto for the house keys. Preeto refuses to her. A new drama begins. Harak supports Mohini. Preeto says you have no right on it. Mohini tries to snatch the keys. Harman makes an entry. He takes the keys from Preeto and keeps it with him. Mohini gets scared of him. Harman shows his angry avatar. Mohini tells Harman that he won’t be here all the time, after he leaves, she will give poison to Preeto or make her fall down the stairs. She asks Harman how will he save Preeto. She provokes him. Harman sits there and tells Mohini that he will not leave now. Preeto gets happy. Will Harman learn Preeto is the mastermind behind Mohini’s drama? Keep reading.


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