Durga determines to stop Sanjay’s madness in Meri Durga


Sanjay keeps a good image in front of Durga’s parents. He asks them to wait for Durga. Durga looks for something that can help her. Sanjay introduces his inlaws to guests. Durga worries seeing the time. She thinks how to outdo Sanjay. Durga comes in time and wins the challenge. Sanjay gets a shock seeing her wearing her sports jacket over the tampered dress. Sanjay tells Durga that she can’t win this way. Durga then gives him jitters by removing the jacket. He worries that her dress is really improper. Durga surprises him by her smartness. She repairs her dress by using Sanjay’s shoe laces and stays confident.

She manages to get haldi applied within the time alloted. Everyone compliments Durga. Durga completes the task, even when Sanjay tries to create hurdles for her. Durga hurts herself in the process to win the challenge. She asks Sanjay to see his failure. Durga and Sanjay’s haldi ceremony goes well. She thinks to stop Sanjay from his increasing madness.

She asks Rajveer if she can get the admission in academy by some other method, as she has lost the letter. Rajveer gets appointed with her. Durga gets a new task by SP. Sanjay asks her to keep the diyas glowing, else she will be failing in the challenge. In the mehendi function, Durga dances holding the diyas. She doesn’t let the diya blow off. She protects the diya from all hurdles. She is determined to get the sports academy letter. She tells Sanjay that she will not let him succeed in ruining her career. Sanjay tries to blow off the diya. Durga fails his motives.


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