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Udaan: Bhaiya ji does aarti and wards off the bad sight of Chakor. Suraj gets surprised. Bhaiya ji tells them that his grandson will be raised in haveli, he will be playing with his grandson. Tejaswini is happy seeing Suraj and Chakor having their family. Bhaiya ji asks Shiv ji to bless Suraj, Chakor and their coming baby. He shows everything has changed for the better. He wants to harm Chakor. He asks the guests to enjoy the delicious dishes. Bhaiya ji plays dhol and sings happily. Bhaiya ji adds poison in the kheer. Chakor acts clever when he sends the kheer by a servant to her. Chakor takes the kheer to feed Bhaiya ji.

Woh Apna Sa:

Samar catches Jia, when she follows him. He asks her why did she do this with Nisha. Jia asks him to listen to her once. She tells him that she knows him well as Jhanvi. She forgives him for supporting Nisha and doing wrong with Aditya and Jhanvi. She shows her belief in her. Samar gets on her side. He hides the truth from Nisha. Nisha learns Jia is Jhanvi’s lookalike and she is fooling her. She gets raging when she learns that Samar already knows Jia’s truth and he has hidden the matter from her. She thinks to find Jia, who was fooling her as Jhanvi’s spirit.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Sudha and Anami get bonding well. Sudha serves food to her. Satrupa knows Anami’s weakness is her foster family. Anami tells Sudha that she misses her family a lot. Satrupa gets her brother home. He tells Anami that Satrupa has got him home so that they can stay together for some days. Satrupa wants to use Anami’s weakness to separate her from Sudha. Sudha gets angry when Anami gets away from her by Satrupa’s move. Satrupa doesn’t want to give in so soon. She is ready to do anything to save Lal Mahal’s heir.

Kundali Bhagya:
Shrishti and Sameer realize their feelings for each other. Shrishti likes him, but doesn’t want to fall for him. Sameer’s good nature brings a smile on her face. Prithvi does a good act. He shows how much he values Preeta. He feels she is lucky for him. Sarla gets glad when he shows much belief in Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlyn fool the family. Sherlyn hides the fact that she knows Prithvi well. Karan doesn’t find Prithvi a suitable guy for Preeta. As a friend, Karan advises her to stop the roka and refuse to marry Prithvi. Preeta thinks if Karan has feelings for her, that he is saying so.


Neil gets a bad scary dream. He sees Vidyut reaching their room and trying to kill Avni. Neil panics seeing the sight of Vidyut murdering Avni. He shouts out her name and wakes up from his dream. Avni wakes up and finds Neil in a terrified state. She asks him what happened. He finds Avni alive. She pacifies him and tells him that she is totally fine, nothing happened to her. Neil fears for her life. He knows Vidyut is eager for revenge.

Preeto makes Mohini leave from the house. Harman supports Preeto. He tells Harak that when it is about his mum, he doesn’t listen to anyone. He gives a warning to Harak. Preeto has planned this to stop Harman at home. She doesn’t know how to manage the things. She angers Harman using Mohini. Harak is also putting efforts to make Harman stay back and do a son’s duty.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren sadly sees Pooja. He doesn’t want to marry Surbhi, but gets helpless to sit in mandap with her. Naren was exchanging Jaimala with Surbhi. The most awaited drama begins. Pooja asks Naren is he running away from her love. Naren hides his tears. Supriya stops him and tells him that he can just marry Pooja. She tells him Pooja’s love for him is true. Pooja has exposed Mr. Kapoor. She had fixed a screen near the mandap. Naren sees Mr. Kapoor accepting all the crimes. Pooja shows the conversation to everyone. Naren feels guilty.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina imagines Sameer everywhere. She loves him a lot. She tries to knit a sweater for him. She gets worried realizing she has forgotten to get Sameer’s measurements. She doesn’t want the sweater to go waste. She gets upset. She thinks of Sameer and tries to make the sweater by guessing the measurements. She hopes she knits the perfect sweater for him. She plans to propose Sameer.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj tells Maasa that he was helpless to be with Devi, as they both are handcuffed. He shows the cuffs and chain to Maasa. Maasa gets angry on Devi for her clever plan. Devi gives the keys to Adhiraj. He opens the cuffs and get free. Devi exposes Maasa’s plan. She tells Adhiraj that Shekhar has ignited fire in the godown, he is responsible for all the losses. Adhiraj doesn’t believe Devi.

Ayushaman Bhava:

Krish confesses love to Samaira in front of Vikrant, while diverting him by the praise. Vikrant doesn’t doubt on Krish. Krish succeeds in winning Samaira’s trust. He proposes her and tells her that he can stand against Vikrant if such a situation arises. Krish frames Sudhir in defaming Samaira. He can’t forget Samaira has helped Vikrant in killing his parents. He wants to cheat Samaira in love, just she did with him before. Samaira starts seeing Avinash in Krish. Even when he learns Samaira misses Avinash, he holds her equally responsible for Vikrant’s crimes. Krish determines to ruin Vikrant and Sudhir’s partnership by using Samaira. Krish presents a proof against Samaira and Sudhir to prove they have an affair.


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