Neil petrifies by Vidyut’s shocking move in Naamkarann


Neil, Avni and Juhi celebrate Diwali with Mishti. They sing a song for Mishti and dance with her. The family plays Antakshari. Bebe also adds stars in the party. Bebe and Shweta’s naughty bond is seen. The family celebrates happiness. Mishti gets to see a happy united family. They want Mishti to know festives. Neil gifts everyone, except Avni. Avni gets annoyed with him. Neil romances her. He gives her a sweet gift. They have a moment.

Neil gets a bad scary dream. He sees Vidyut reaching their room and trying to kill Avni. Neil panics seeing the sight of Vidyut murdering Avni. He shouts out her name and wakes up from his dream. Avni wakes up and finds Neil in a terrified state. She asks him what happened. He finds Avni alive. She pacifies him and tells him that she is totally fine, nothing happened to her. Neil fears for her life. He knows Vidyut is eager for revenge.

She gets scared seeing him tensed. Neil thinks something bad is going to happen. Avni tells him that nothing can happen till they are together. They have a cute moment. She asks him to forget the dream and try to sleep. She tells him Vidyut can’t separate them. Neil loses his sleep by his fear. He can’t see Avni in trouble. Vidyut learns Juhi is alive and it was all Neil’s plan to fool him. He gets revengeful. Vidyut meets Juhi to confront her about her lie to Neil that Mishti is his daughter. Juhi’s feelings for Neil gets known to him. Vidyut strikes a deal with her to separate Neil and Avni. Juhi readily agrees to him, since she wants to get back in Neil’s life and family. The duo uses Mishti to make Avni away from Neil’s life.


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