Satrupa’s move to stun Sudha in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha and Anami get bonding well. Sudha serves food to her. Satrupa knows Anami’s weakness is her foster family. Anami tells Sudha that she misses her family a lot. Satrupa gets her brother home. He tells Anami that Satrupa has got him home so that they can stay together for some days. Satrupa wants to use Anami’s weakness to separate her from Sudha. Sudha gets angry when Anami gets away from her by Satrupa’s move. Satrupa doesn’t want to give in so soon. She is ready to do anything to save Lal Mahal’s heir.

Satrupa’s surprise gets shocking for Anami and Sudha. Anami gets too emotional. She thinks she can’t judge Satrupa’s move. She knows Satrupa can go to any extent for her motives. She tries to keep her brother away from Lal Mahal politics. Satrupa asks Anami to stay with her brother, just like she used to be in Banaras. Anami takes her brother away. Satrupa tells Anami that she is her mum and knows what’s right for her. Baldev and Pujan get upset with Satrupa’s step.

Dada ji comes ahead to support Satrupa. He shows his belief in Satrupa. Satrupa asks Anami to spend time with Lakshya. Anami gets delighted on getting sweets sent by Madhu. Lakshya tells her that Satrupa lied to Madhu. Anami gets angry knowing Satrupa’s lie. She goes to confront Satrupa about her lie. She asks Satrupa not to play smart. She asks Satrupa to stop manipulating others for her greed. She asks her to tell the truth, why did she get Lakshya when the fight is between them. Satrupa tells her that this is an answer to her move of getting Sudha home. She blackmails Anami. She admits that she has done this just to control Anami. Anami tells her that her hatred is justified. Anami vows to secure Lakshya.


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