Yeh Rishta: Aryan seeks revenge from Kartik


Everyone returns home. Manish gets mistaken about Aryan. He feels Aryan is not trustworthy. Kartik and Naira stay back in Singhania house. Kartik wishes Naira once again. She thanks him for all the surprises. Aryan gets sorrowful over Suwarna abandoning him for Kartik’s sake. He holds Kartik responsible for whatever happened in his life. Suwarna thinks she has sent all the memories away, and now there would be no ties with her son. Aryan feels Kartik has snatched his rights. He gets revengeful.

It was Suwarna’s decision to part ways with him. Her decision leaves him broken. Aryan thinks Kartik has snatched his good fate. He plans to hit Kartik and injure him. In a fit of rage, Aryan goes to take a wrong step. Aryan hits Kartik’s car. Naira meets with an accident instead Kartik. She doesn’t suffer form major injuries. Naira and Kartik doubt that someone has intentionally hit the car. Aryan gets panicking on seeing Naira in the car. He thinks he has done wrong. Aryan feels guilty. Naksh gets upset seeing a hockey stick, which reminds him of Tara. His mood gets spoiled.

Manish learns about the accident. Kartik tells them that Naira is fine, it was a minor accident. Aryan learns Manish and Suwarna have together done this to protect Kartik’s life and hidden the big secret. Aryan gets angry on them. He feels Manish and Suwarna are very selfish and stone hearted. He gets mistaken by hearing her conversation. Aryan goes to confront them about their secret. He tells everyone that he is Manish and Suwarna’s son who deserves all the luxuries and rights like Kartik. Manish angrily slaps Aryan. He asks Aryan to get out from his house. He doesn’t want to accept Aryan. Aryan dreams of this moment. He finds the family happy with Kartik and thinks Kartik has stepped in his place. He finds himself at the door and gets heartbroken.


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