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Sasural Simar Ka: Anjali is still planning to trouble Sanjana. She calls Sahil. When he doesn’t answer, she gets worried. Roshni sees Anjali away and checks her phone to get Sahil’s number. She messages Sahil and asks him to meet. She plans to trap Sahil. She wants to expose Anjali by using Sahil. Anjali doesn’t know what’s Roshni planning. She handles Roshni and Sanjana. She is sure they can’t do anything. Anjali plans to secure her secret.


After Dadi’s birthday celebrations, Anika thinks of giving a wonderful surprise to Shivay. She thinks romance is really missing in their lives. Anika plans a romantic date for Shivay. Anika surprises Shivay. She decorates the room beautifully. She puts many efforts. Shivay gets happy seeing all the preparations. She tells him that she has done all this for him. He thanks her for everything. He asks her why did she work so hard. She tells him that there is much more to see, she has planned many surprises today. He asks her to reveal the surprises. He gets excited. She tells her movie plans. He thinks of watching a movie along with the family.


Preeto has played many games to separate Harman and Soumya. Her plans fail again. Harman knows the truth of Preeto’s super plan of emotional blackmail. Preeto sends Harman out of home by puja excuse. She does emotional drama. She doesn’t want Harman to meet Soumya. Harman agrees to do puja for the sake of her happiness. Harak sees their plan working. He happily dances with Preeto and praises her smartness.

Piyaa Albela:

All the misunderstandings end between Pooja and Naren. There comes a big twist because of Mr. Kapoor. Pooja and Naren land in jail for Mr. Kapoor’s murder. Naren gets blamed for shooting Mr. Kapoor, while Pooja takes the blame on herself. Mr. Kapoor publicly threatened Naren. When Mr. Kapoor gets shot, the police sees Naren holding the gun and arrests him. Pooja tells them that she has shot Mr. Kapoor in defense to save Naren’s love. Pooja wants the real culprit to get punished. She says Naren is innocent. She tells Naren that she will bear the punishment, and he should support her decision for the sake of their love. Naren cries seeing her in lockup.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak was trying to prove that Aditya is making a story and lying to the family. Maasi always proved Kanak wrong. Uma’s belief on Maasi is unbreakable. Kanak knows she has to expose Aditya first, then Uma’s belief on Maasi can be shaken up. She wants to show Maasi’s true intentions to Uma. Aditya gets trapped in Uma and Kanak’s plan. Kanak made the smart plan and wanted to bring his truth out. Uma asks Kanak not to involve Maasi, as he can’t hurt her sentiments. Uma makes a huge pit and covers it up with dry grass. He keeps a cigarette box there.


Aryan tries to make Kartik fall in Manish’s eyes. He bribes the official to get Kartik’s tender sanctioned. Manish learns the news and gets upset. Kartik attends the project work. He doesn’t want to fail Manish’s expectations. Aryan doesn’t reveal his truth to Manish. He starts creating troubles for Kartik. Naira plans a trip to Greece. Kartik and Naira will be seen romancing in Greece. They plan to meet as strangers and explore their love story. Aryan sees them happy and gets angry. He decides to end their love story. Aryan and Kartik have a fight. Police arrests Kartik. Naira tries to save Kartik.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan warns Anita to be away from Pankti. He learns Pankti’s feelings for him and gets glad. He asks Pankti to confess her love, else he will be leaving from her life forever. Ahaan starts getting distanced. She gets saddened thinking she will lose Ahaan forever. This makes Pankti run up to him and confess love. Ahaan gets delighted when she acknowledges his feelings. They have a romantic moment. Just then, Pankti gets a huge shock when JD visits the hospital to check on here. She freezes on seeing JD.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Rahul decides to take part in the Dahi Handi competition, knowing Thakur will be granting the winner any wish as reward. Lakhan asks Gauri to get prepared for marriage, as he will be winning her hand as reward of his victory. Lakhan and Rahul compete to break the Dahi Handi. Lakhan tries to make Rahul fall down the human pyramid. Rahul manages to break the Dahi Handi and wins the competition. He breaks the records set by Lakhan since 10 years. Thakur congratulates Rahul for his win. Rahul gets a place in the village. Thakur asks him to decide his reward and ask him. Rahul asks Thakur to fulfill his wish as promised. He asks Thakur to allow him to enter the temple.


Diwali celebrations are on a high in Khanna mansion, just for little Mishti’s sake. The family plays Antakshari and spreads happiness to give a happy family feel to Mishti. Neil plans to send Juhi and Mishti abroad, to save them from Vidyut. He doesn’t know Vidyut has already seen Juhi. Vidyut makes a fake call to panic Neil’s family. Neil falls in big trouble. Neil gets the unpleasant surprise from Vidyut. Vidyut reaches there and see his plan working when Neil and his family vacate the house. Even Juhi comes out with them. The media reaches there and catches Neil with their questions. They ask Neil is Juhi alive, why did he lie to everyone that she is dead. Vidyut sees them from far and enjoys the scene.


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