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    Meri Durga: Sanjay keeps a good image in front of Durga’s parents. He asks them to wait for Durga. Durga looks for something that can help her. Sanjay introduces his inlaws to guests. Durga worries seeing the time. She thinks how to outdo Sanjay. Durga comes in time and wins the challenge. Sanjay gets a shock seeing her wearing her sports jacket over the tampered dress. Sanjay tells Durga that she can’t win this way. Durga then gives him jitters by removing the jacket. He worries that her dress is really improper. Durga surprises him by her smartness. She repairs her dress by using Sanjay’s shoe laces and stays confident.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita asks Aaliya to stop Raman from taking medicines by doing anything. Aaliya complains about Simmi, who controls Raman’s life. Ishita shares a plan to stop Simmi. She asks Aaliya to look after Raman. Aaliya tells her about their next family outing. She asks Ishita to meet Raman. Aaliya tries to stop Raman from taking medicines. She also thinks Raman is forgetting many things, which isn’t a good sign. Simmi tries to dominate everyone. Aaliya manages to stop Simmi by using Ishita’s plan. Simmi gets allergy. The family takes Raman with them. Simmi fails to go with them.


    Anika and Shivay spend some quality moments. He holds her when she falls while dancing. He asks her to always support him if he stumbles. He tells her that he loves her a lot. A wonderful moment creates between them. Omkara too tells Gauri that he will always support her and share her work, so that they succeed together. Gauri gets delighted with Omkara’s love. Rudra cares for Bhavya. She gets hurt while decorating the house. He stops himself from going to her, but sends someone else for help. Bhavya learns Rudra’s concern. Everyone gets fine at home. Dinky feels unhappy with them. She wants to break Anika and Gauri’s pride over their husband’s loyalty.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Ahana explains Anant that Laila’s approval doesn’t matter to them. She tells him that his family matters the most. She asks him not to worry for Laila. She tells him that its her decision to marry him. He doesn’t want to upset Laila. He tells Ahana that he will wait for her till Laila happily permits them. Ahana finds him mature. She takes his promise. They try to make Laila accept their decision. Laila doesn’t want to agree at any cost. She worries thinking of all the financial loans she has to clear. Rehaan learns his car met with an accident. He worries for answering Anant.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa’s surprise gets shocking for Anami and Sudha. Anami gets too emotional. She thinks she can’t judge Satrupa’s move. She knows Satrupa can go to any extent for her motives. She tries to keep her brother away from Lal Mahal politics. Satrupa asks Anami to stay with her brother, just like she used to be in Banaras. Anami takes her brother away. Satrupa tells Anami that she is her mum and knows what’s right for her. Baldev and Pujan get upset with Satrupa’s step.


    Everyone returns home. Manish gets mistaken about Aryan. He feels Aryan is not trustworthy. Kartik and Naira stay back in Singhania house. Kartik wishes Naira once again. She thanks him for all the surprises. Aryan gets sorrowful over Suwarna abandoning him for Kartik’s sake. He holds Kartik responsible for whatever happened in his life. Suwarna thinks she has sent all the memories away, and now there would be no ties with her son. Aryan feels Kartik has snatched his rights. He gets revengeful.


    Avni and Neil’s argument drifts them apart. Neil tries to monitor Vidyut. Neil gets hurt by Avni’s words. Avni realizes her mistakes. Neela explains Avni that it was Neil’s mistake to yell on her in front of everyone, but she should never hurt Neil. She tells her to remember valuing a relation. Shweta doesn’t believe Mishti is Neil’s daughter, as he didn’t marry Juhi. Neela tells her that Neil has confessed about having a child with Juhi. Shweta gets upset on learning this. Vidyut gets angry on realizing Neil’s plan of framing his mum in fake murder case of Juhi. He thinks Juhi is wishing for Mishti by lying to Neil about her birth. He gets doubtful on Juhi’s intentions. He pledges revenge from Juhi too.


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