Sudha gets a new contender in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami shows the Lal Mahal to her brother Lakshya/Laddoo. He tells her that Satrupa has done a good thing by getting him in Lal Mahal, and this deed has made him forgive her for the past mistake. Anami gets thinking if Satrupa’s doing has given happiness to him. Anami spends time with him than Sudha. Sudha tells Narottam that Satrupa has played a tough move, and they were wrong to underestimate Satrupa. She tells him that they have to think ahead of Satrupa and fail her. She takes the game to the next level.

Pujan gets annoyed with Lakshya’s presence. He tries to scare him. Lakshya teaches him a lesson in his Banarasi style. He tells Pujan that he is not a kid, he has taught big lessons to big people. Pujan fails in his plans. Lakshya asks Anami to promise him that she will never leave him again. Anami asks Lakshya to stay with her till he wants.

Satrupa corners Lakshya and tells him how Sudha is becoming a motherly figure for Anami, which isn’t good. She asks him will he allow Sudha to take Madhu’s place in Anami’s life. She tells him that Sudha will distance Anami from Madhu, Murari and him. Lakshya gets worried and sees negativity in Sudha. Satrupa asks Lakshya to help her show Sudha’s real face to Anami, just like he exposes faint Sadhus in Banaras. Lakshya agrees to help Satrupa. When Lakshya tells Anami that Sudha is bad, she doesn’t believe him. Lakshya sadly tells her that she has changed. On the other hand, Sudha enters Dadi’s room with a knife and gives her jitters. She then cuts fruits for Dadi and shows fake concern. Dadi understands Sudha’s madness and her motives.


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