Ishita-Ruhi begin their big task in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


When Ishita and Simmi get into a verbal argument, Raman hears them and defends Simmi. He gets against Ishita on seeing her threaten Simmi. He tells her that Simmi is very important for him and he will not tolerate her misbehavior. He decides to call off the deal. He asks her to apologize to Simmi. Ishita doesn’t want to end the deal. She apologizes to Simmi. She ends the matter. Simmi tells Ishita that Raman just listens to her. She asks Ishita to accept the fact that Raman has forgotten her now and she is nowhere in his life. Ishita warns Simmi. She tells Simmi that she can do anything to save Raman. Iyers and Bhallas try to make Romi and Mihika reconcile. Romi is ashamed of his mistake. He apologizes to Iyers, hoping to get a chance to save his marriage. Iyers agree to help him.

Adi finds Aaliya in trouble. Adi saves her and tells her that they can’t call off their marriage by petty issues. She apologizes to him. Ruhi gets upset with Shagun and Ishita, who never supported her in the hour of need.

Ishita meets Ruhi to inform her about Raman’s state. She asks Ruhi to keep a watch on Raman when he takes medicines, as the medicines are really harmful for him. Ruhi gets a shock on learning about the wrong medication. Ishita asks her to at least help Raman thinking about their business deal. She asks Ruhi to exchange the pills without letting anyone know. She tries to bring Ruhi and Raman closer. Ishita and Ashok meet Raman. Raman asks them to join the family. Simmi finds it tough to keep Ishita away from Raman. She thinks to get some solution from Parmeet. Raman and Ishita spend time together. He gets to know her better. Parmeet doesn’t want Iyers to get connected to Bhallas again. Simmi gets fooled by Ishita. She goes to give medicines to Raman. Ruhi stops Raman from taking harmful medicines.


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