Shivika’s good news turns shocking in Ishqbaaz


Anika wants to stay slim and fit. She follows a diet. Shivay asks her not to follow any diet as it can affect her health. Anika argues with him. He tells her that she can never follow any strict diet, as she can’t bear hunger. She gets determined to prove him wrong. She asks Shivay to get tamarind for her, which she has to eat regularly for losing fat. Dinky misunderstands her words. Rudra and Bhavya’s relation stays troubled. Rudra tells the family that he is fed up hearing he is young, he wants someone else to take his place. Dinky goes to reveal the good news about Anika. She starts giving hints and teases Anika.

Anika doesn’t understand what Dinky means. She tells them that the family really needs a new member. Anika controls herself from eating her favorite dish. Anika feels weak by hunger and faints. Dinky breaks the good news to them that Anika is pregnant. The family gets too happy.

They call up Shivay and ask him to come home to get a big surprise. Shivay comes home. He gets puzzled when everyone showers him with hugs and wishes. They tell Shivay that his baby is going to come soon. Shivay gets a huge shock. Anika denies this. Shivay and Anika see their happiness.


Pinky too accepts Anika heartily on hearing this good news. Anika doesn’t understand how to reveal the truth and break their hearts. Entire family gets emotional thinking of the new member. Shivay tries to tell his brothers that Anika is not pregnant, as such time didn’t come till now.

Anika also tries to explain Gauri and Bhavya, that the news is false. Shivay and Anika tell them that their relation didn’t reach to the next level. They complaint that they didn’t get ample time to think of having a family. The family decides to give more time to Shivay and Anika.

Elders happily think to announce the news and celebrate. Shivay and Anika get worried with the rapid developments. Anika feels guilty that her diet created this misunderstanding and now she can’t ruin their happiness. Anika cries on seeing their plannings about the baby. Shivay reveals to them that Anika is not pregnant, it was just a misunderstanding. The family’s happiness gets down. Shivay and Anika decide to take their relation to next level to turn the family’s wish true.


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