Kanak plans Maasi’s birthday celebrations in Tu Sooraj…


Aditya tries to molest Kanak. He wants to take revenge for the slap. Kanak shouts and seeks help. When Kanak blames Aditya, Maasi starts accusing Kanak that she is trapping Aditya. She asks Kanak to stop herself. Aditya points a finger at Kanak’s character. Uma scolds Aditya and asks him not to dare point at Kanak, as his wife is not characterless. Uma gets angry on Aditya. Maasi stops Aditya, realizing Uma’s belief on Kanak in strong. Kanak loves for Uma is very much true. She tells him that she will always fulfill her duties, even if he stops her. Seeing Kanak’s concern, Uma turns regretting over their relationship’s status. Kanak wants Uma to know Maasi is the mastermind behind Aditya’s crimes.

Kanak plans Maasi’s birthday celebrations. She invites the neighbors and relatives. She makes Shiv take Uma’s avatar. Kanak dances with Shiv. She challenges Maasi for a dance. Maasi shows her dancing skills. Maasi and Kanak have a competition. They both pull Shiv on their sides. Kanak teases Maasi and takes advantage of the light situation. Maasi doesn’t know what has Kanak planned.


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