Shocking: Juhi to frame Shweta in Naamkarann


During the Diwali celebrations, the crackers box catches fire and blast. Neil protects the family. Shweta gets her phone burnt. She worries for the phone. DD tells Neil that Vidyut has learnt the truth, that Juhi and Mishti stay with them. Neil gets informed that someone from the family has sent a message to media. DD gives him the info about the caller. Neil checks the number and gets a huge shock.

Bebe asks Neil whose number is it. Neil confronts Shweta for informing media. He asks her how can she do this. He gets much upset with her. Shweta tells him that she has not done anything. Bebe also thinks Shweta has done this, as she wanted to send Juhi away from their lives. She asks Shweta why can’t she let people stay as they want, first she was after Avni and now after Juhi, couldn’t she stop herself from doing such a big mistake.

Neil asks Shweta did she get so insecure that she planned all this. Shweta tells that that she was just bringing Juhi and Mishti closer by asking them to stay together, away from Avni. She explains that she didn’t wish to put Juhi in danger, she has no such intentions. She asks why will I do this knowing Vidyut is such a dangerous man. Shweta says my phone got burnt, else I would have proved my innocence. Juhi does the message to media from Shweta’s phone. Juhi and Vidyut get together and plan. Shweta gets framed. Shweta cries and asks the family to trust her. She feels shattered when no one believes her.


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