Karan determines to expose Prithvi in Kundali Bhagya


Karan tells Preeta that he cares for her as a friend. She asks him does he have feelings for her. He asks her not to think such. She tells him that she doesn’t love him. He asks her not to start dreaming, he doesn’t love her. They have a cute nok jhok. He asks her to rethink about Prithvi, as he is not such as he appears. He suggests her to stop the roka. He doesn’t want her to marry Prithvi. She asks him to give one strong reason. He tells her that Prithvi is deceptive.

Sherlyn and Prithvi have romance, and get spotted by Preeta’s aunt. Sherlyn and Prithvi plan to ruin Rishabh and Preeta’s lives. They are not scared of anyone. They don’t think their plan can get exposed. Sherlyn believes in his love. The crazy lovers get overconfident of their plotting. Rishabh suppresses his feelings for Preeta, thinking its too late now. He gets happy in her happiness. Karan’s suspicion on Sherlyn stays the same. He warns Sherlyn that she is getting watched. Can Karan expose Sherlyn and Prithvi? Keep reading.


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