Pooja gets a new life threat in Piyaa Albela


Mr. Kapoor gets mad seeing Pooja becoming Naren’s bride. He threatens to kill Naren. Pooja tries to calm down Mr. Kapoor. Neelima and Rahul witness the madness of Mr. Kapoor and make a quick plan to kill him, when they see the sight of Pooja and Naren pointing the gun at Mr. Kapoor. Naren gets accused for Mr. Kapoor’s murder. Pooja doesn’t want Naren to suffer. She takes the blame on her. Pooja gets arrested. Naren will find out Neelima and Rahul’s crime and save Pooja.

Satish and Anuj get a lawyer for Pooja. Pooja supports Naren and tells them that Naren’s lawyer will fight her case. Anuj gets upset with her. He dislikes Naren, as she has always fallen in trouble because of Naren. He asks Satish to let Pooja be with Naren. Anuj angrily leaves. Naren gets Pooja bailed out. He gets her home. Pooja sees Supriya in bad state. She prays for Supriya’s recovery. She wishes Supriya’s troubles come on her, and Supriya gets saved. Naren gets a huge shock seeing Pooja getting shot and dropping down. Naren runs to hold her. Rakesh has turned revengeful against Pooja. Naren didn’t know Rakesh can take someone’s life.



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