Preeto to face real trouble in Shakti


Mohini starts showing her true colors now. Harman has left supporting Preeto now. He has left from the house. Preeto gets mad in anger. Mohini gets Harak on her side. A shocking twist comes. Preeto asks Mohini to leave from the house, since their plan failed and now Mohini is not needed. Mohini tells her that she has come by their wish, but she will leave by her wish. She refuses to leave. Preeto scolds her.

When Preeto raises hand on her, Harak comes to save Mohini. He stops Preeto and tells her that Mohini won’t go anywhere, Mohini didn’t do any mistake, she has done whatever they told her, if Harman didn’t stay back, how can they ask Mohini to leave. Mohini sees their complicated relations. She adds more complications in the story. She wants to enjoy the luxuries and keep playing the game. She doesn’t care for anyone. She turns greedy to have a permanent stay.

Harman comes back to Soumya. He looks much upset. Soumya asks him the matter. He tells her that its not necessary that he tells her everything. He sits thinking of Preeto’s deceive. Soumya tells him that she will not ask anything, till he feels he should share the matter. She sits by his side and supports him. Harman gets emotional. He is scared to lose Soumya. He thinks how his family is opposing his love. He feels sad about his fate. Soumya is getting tough tasks by Gurumaa. Gurumaa is doing this on Preeto’s saying. Surbhi meets Soumya and warns her to be ready of Gurumaa’s next task.


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