Juhi works out Vidyut’s plan in Naamkarann


While the family worries for Juhi, she comes home and tells everyone that she has gone to the airport. She lies to them that she was waiting for Mishti and Neela at airport. She tells Neil and Avni that she didn’t wish to burden them. Avni asks her who told her to get away from home. Neil asks Juhi who pressured her to leave. Juhi tells them that Shweta has asked her to leave, and told her that Neil and Avni’s married life is suffering because of her. Shweta gets blamed for sending Juhi away. Juhi tells them what Shweta told her. Neela tells them that Juhi misunderstood Shweta, as Shweta didn’t mean to hurt Juhi. Bebe loses trust on Shweta, since she has been against Avni before. Neela explains them that Shweta and she made this plan to bring Juhi and Mishti closer. Neil gets upset with Shweta.

Ragini makes a plan when Vidyut tells her about Juhi. She tells him that he can control Neil and Avni by using Juhi. She finds her foolish to agree to them. She says we will use Juhi against Neil.

Shweta feels hurt that Juhi has blamed her in front of everyone. Neela tells Shweta that maybe Juhi misunderstood her words and got afraid. Shweta tells them that she feels Juhi has intentionally trapped her. Avni asks Shweta and Neela not to worry as she believes them. Neil asks Juhi why did she take such a big risk. Juhi gets scared of Vidyut. She thinks of agreeing to Vidyut to secure her and Mishti’s life. She thinks just Neil can secure her. Neil asks Juhi not to risk Avni’s life by her stupidity. He tells Juhi that he will not let Mishti go anywhere. Neil feels scared of losing Avni. He gets a bad dream of Vidyut killing Avni. Neil panics. Avni tries to calm down his fears. Vidyut gets determined to separate Avni and Neil.


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