Avni gets alert and spying on Juhi in Naamkarann

Naamkarann serial

Juhi has come back in Neil’s life. She has agreed to Vidyut’s conditions only to keep her status in Neil’s house. She keeps her lie that Mishti is Neil’s daughter. Avni has much belief that Shweta can’t create troubles for Neil by revealing about Juhi to the media. Avni supports Shweta.

Shweta starts doubting Juhi, when the latter frames her in the media matter. Juhi is troubling Avni too. Shweta tells Avni about her doubt on Juhi. Avni also realizes Juhi is behind the sudden conspiracies. She says Juhi has no reason to do this, why is she doing such things. She trusts Shweta. She tells Shweta that Juhi is not such a person to cheat them. Shweta clears her doubts. She tells her that she has seen Juhi manipulating Mishti. Avni asks how can she do this with Mishti. Shweta says a mum can do anything for a child’s good, Juhi wants to save Mishti, she will not think for anyone else. Avni gets convinced. She assures Shweta that she will find out Juhi’s intentions.

Avni has no proof against Juhi. She thinks Juhi has changed the sindoor with Rangoli colors. Shweta tells her that she had Juhi’s recording in the phone which got burnt by the crackers. Vidyut is blackmailing Juhi. She is unwillingly obeying him. She tells him that she has done a lot, and now she will not hurt anyone. He reminds her about Neil. He asks if you want to be with Neil, if you want Mishti’s truth to stay under wraps, just do what I said. Juhi gets helpless. Vidyut is using Juhi to take his revenge from Neil. Shweta asks Avni to do something before anything wrong happens with the family.


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