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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita tries to sort Adi and Aaliya’s fights. Aaliya informs her about Simmi and Parmeet spoiling Ruhi’s life, and her terms with Raman. Ishita thinks to give it back to Simmi. She tells Aaliya that Parmeet is using Simmi for his revenge. She asks Aaliya to be with Adi, as unity has strength. Parmeet creates a scene in Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla keeps her stand that she will never let Ishita come back home. Raman thinks of Ishita. Ruhi stops Raman from taking the harmful medicines. She swaps the medicines for his betterment. Raman agrees to Ruhi. Ishita gets hopeful that everything will get fine.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga struggles to win the task given by Sanjay. She performs with him in her sangeet. Sanjay tries much to put off the diya. Durga secures the diya and wins the task. Sanjay fails despite many attempts. Durga gets hurt in the process. Sanjay worries for her hand burn. Durga sees his caring side once again. She thinks Sanjay’s heart and mind are battling because of his parents. She gets into a belief that he still loves her. Durga tells him that she has failed him. Durga gets worried when she gets spotted by Rajveer. Rajveer doubts on Durga and Sanjay’s relationship. He questions Durga about Sanjay.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Lakshya fights with Anami. He tells her that she has changed a lot, as she has left him alone in the big palace. He asks her to go to Sudha and be with her. He doesn’t believe that Anami loves him. Anami gets hurt and thinks she has been at fault. Pujan gets informed that Adhiraj has caught up his hired shooter. He gets worried and tells Avdhoot that Adhiraj can break the man and get info from him. He thinks of getting the man killed before he reaches court. Anami tries to make up to Lakshya. She apologizes to him. Lakshya stays annoyed with her.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant tells Ahana that Laila wants the marriage to be grand, as per their status. He tells her that there is no other truth, as Laila happily agreed. He feels very happy that everything got fine, and changed before they expected. Gupta meets the bank manager and plans to create troubles for Laila. He thinks his surprise will really be a shock for Laila. Saloni gets glad to know Laila has given her nod for Ahana and Anant’s marriage. Laila tells Saloni that she will not invite Guptas in the marriage. Saloni gets worried thinking of answering Tarun.


    While the family worries for Juhi, she comes home and tells everyone that she has gone to the airport. She lies to them that she was waiting for Mishti and Neela at airport. She tells Neil and Avni that she didn’t wish to burden them. Avni asks her who told her to get away from home. Neil asks Juhi who pressured her to leave. Juhi tells them that Shweta has asked her to leave, and told her that Neil and Avni’s married life is suffering because of her. Shweta gets blamed for sending Juhi away. Juhi tells them what Shweta told her. Neela tells them that Juhi misunderstood Shweta, as Shweta didn’t mean to hurt Juhi.


    Manish thinks Kartik has to end up some work before leaving. He worries for Kartik. Kartik tells Manish that he is not careless and will finish the work before going. Manish asks him to go and enjoy the holiday. Kartik feels he has work priorities. Manish assures Kartik that he will manage the work. Kartik shares the good news with Singhanias. Kartik and Naira get excited for their trip. Everyone wishes them all the best. Aryan traps Kartik to ruin his happiness. Kartik gets informed about the work. He thinks how to tell Naira about his decision to cancel the trip. He thinks Naira will get upset.


    Shivay and Anika reveal to the family that Anika is not pregnant, she was just following a strict diet by which she fainted. Anika apologizes to everyone for giving false hope. Shivay reveals to the family that Anika and he didn’t take their relation to another level. Dinky gets personal and points at Anika. Shivay tells her that Anika is perfect, there is no problem between them. Shivay defines his true love for Anika. He tells them that their love is more of a soul to soul connection. Shivay tells them that they have always got away by cropping problems, but now they will surely accept each other and take the relation ahead. Shivay’s wonderful support makes Anika happy. The family feels proud of their love.


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