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Piya Albela:
Naren and Supriya go to meet Pooja. Rahul tries to get Naren killed. Someone follows to kill Naren. The goon shoots at Naren. Naren drives faster to escape, since Supriya is also at risk. Supriya surprises Naren by shooting at the goons. Naren gets saved, while Supriya meets with an accident. He shouts out to her in fear of losing her. His heart melts for her. He gets worried seeing her injured. He tries to seek lift. He rushes Supriya to hospital. Naren thinks Anuj is behind the attack. He spots Anuj in the speeding car.


Avni has no proof against Juhi. She thinks Juhi has changed the sindoor with Rangoli colors. Shweta tells her that she had Juhi’s recording in the phone which got burnt by the crackers. Vidyut is blackmailing Juhi. She is unwillingly obeying him. She tells him that she has done a lot, and now she will not hurt anyone. He reminds her about Neil. He asks if you want to be with Neil, if you want Mishti’s truth to stay under wraps, just do what I said. Juhi gets helpless. Vidyut is using Juhi to take his revenge from Neil. Shweta asks Avni to do something before anything wrong happens with the family.


After Anika’s pregnancy assumption drama, Shivay and Anika decide to give real happiness to the family by extending their family. Much romance will be seen between the lovebirds. Shivay and Anika dine with everyone, while holding hands and romancing. Omkara too follows Shivay. He takes lessons from Shivay. He holds Gauri’s hand and signs romantically. Anika and Gauri get troubled to lie the family and dine. They get shy by their husband’s romantic move. Anika asks Shivay to leave her hand. Dadi asks Anika to have food by right hand. Rudra sees his brothers romancing their wives and supports them. Shivay and Anika’s colorful romance will be seen on a new level.

Ek Deewana Tha:

Vyom’s dad alerts him about Sharanya recalling past. He asks Vyom to marry Sharanya before she learns everything. Vyom and Sharanya get engaged. He hugs her and confesses love. Shiv brings a storm in the engagement. He throws away Vyom. Everyone gets worried for Vyom, who gets injured.

Mohini gets jalebis for Harak. Harak takes a young avatar. He spends time with Mohini. They have angered Preeto. Preeto has left the house. Raavi gets a shock seeing Mohini ruling the house by getting Harak on her side. The family gets worried for Preeto. Harak takes everyone’s phones to stop them from informing Harman about Preeto. He tells them that its no use to call Harman, as he will not believe them and come home to insult him again. Mohini turns into Preeto’s sautan. Preeto has lost Harman’s trust now.

Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha influences Arjun. He supports her in tough time, thinking she has lost Samar in an accident. He doesn’t know Nisha has killed Samar. Nisha uses his innocence against Jia. Jia doesn’t want to sit back in fear. She plans to create a misunderstanding in Nisha’s mind. Nisha hires Arjun for her work to take Aditya’s place and fool Babasa. She wants him to take Babasa’s sign on the property papers. Jia tries to save Babasa from Nisha’s clutches. Arjun spots her. She gets doubtful of his intentions.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:

Kaku was trying to make Raavi leave the house, by the blame that Raavi tried to kill Rishi’s mum. Rishi couldn’t believe such a thing against Raavi. Raavi proves her innocence. Aai makes Kaku leave from the house. Kaku’s plannings get known to everyone. Rishi’s mum thinks Raavi is responsible for breaking the house. Raavi tells them that she didn’t do anything. Rishi’s mum tells her that she can’t give her another chance, she has done a big mistake. Raavi sheds tears.

Ayushaman Bhava:
Maai gets suspicious about Krish. She takes Krish to her secret room, which he was looking for. She asks him about his motives, while he lies to her. She tells him that her black magic will make him admit the truth in a moment. He asks her to go ahead and test his intentions. Maai does a lemon test and questions him to know if he has any relation with Kaushalya. Krish denies all her accusations, and proves out to be true. He manages to escape from her clutches. Samaira calls him and informs about Vikrant’s absence. She tells him that the right time is finally here when they should elope and frame Sudhir in the act.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya protects Abhi everywhere. Abhi gets saved by the shooter. The shooter tries to kill Abhi again. Pragya prays for Abhi’s welfare. Abhi gets irritated by Pragya’s presence around all the time. Pragya’s cute antics save Abhi. Pragya stuns Abhi by doing things that prove she is Pragya. Abhi gets into belief that she is Pragya. Tanu gets angry when she finds Abhi and Pragya together. Tanu asks Aaliya to do something of Munni, who can win Abhi’s heart.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara starts showing off her richness and insults Falguni in her kitty party. Falguni doesn’t feel bad of her words, since she plans to get Niyati married to Vidhaan. She tells Uttara thta she will never go against her from now on, even if situation goes out of hand. Uttara tests her patience. Falguni faces the humiliation with a smile. Uttara tells her to give a test to show she is suitable to get related to her family. She tells Falguni to become similar to her, like her shadow, which never leaves support. Falguni takes her words seriously. She promises her that she will never cross her limits again. Uttara observes Falguni following her. She starts troubling her to see how well she keeps her promise.

Rohan gets manipulated by Chandar. He loses trust on Raj. Rohan loves Simran madly. He gets ready to do anything to get Simran’s love. Chandar and Jagan make a plan to use Rohan against Raj and Mannu. Jagan informs Chandar how Mannu is securing her victory in the elections by getting women’s voting rights. Chandar gets worried by her smart move. He tells Jagan that they can manage to be ahead of Mannu if they know her planning in advance. Jagan tells him that Rohan can help them, as Raj and Mannu blindly believe him. Rohan starts cheating Raj and Mannu. He retrieves their planning to inform Chandar. Chandar gets confident to fail Mannu in this new battle.


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