Rajveer gets suspicious about Sanjay’s intentions in Meri Durga


Durga struggles to win the task given by Sanjay. She performs with him in her sangeet. Sanjay tries much to put off the diya. Durga secures the diya and wins the task. Sanjay fails despite many attempts. Durga gets hurt in the process. Sanjay worries for her hand burn. Durga sees his caring side once again. She thinks Sanjay’s heart and mind are battling because of his parents. She gets into a belief that he still loves her. Durga tells him that she has failed him. Durga gets worried when she gets spotted by Rajveer. Rajveer doubts on Durga and Sanjay’s relationship. He questions Durga about Sanjay.

He asks her to share the problem with him, he will not tell anyone about her. He feels she can’t lose the letter on her own, he knows she is not such careless. Durga lies to him about Sanjay. He asks her to discuss the problem, maybe he can help her.

Durga doesn’t reveal anything. Sanjay asks Durga to get prepared for marriage. Rajveer keeps an eye on them. He asks her to wait for the surprise. She asks about the next task. He keeps the suspense. Durga gets ready for her marriage. Rajveer feels she is not happy, she has tension and helplessness in eyes, as if Sanjay is hurting her. He thinks Durga is hiding something. He gets worried for Durga. He shares his thoughts with Yashpal. Yashpal trusts Sanjay a lot. Sanjay gets ready to ruin his love and humiliate Durga in front of everyone. Durga gets disheartened by her revengeful side.


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