Simmi to break Ishita-Raman again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita tries to sort Adi and Aaliya’s fights. Aaliya informs her about Simmi and Parmeet spoiling Ruhi’s life, and her terms with Raman. Ishita thinks to give it back to Simmi. She tells Aaliya that Parmeet is using Simmi for his revenge. She asks Aaliya to be with Adi, as unity has strength. Parmeet creates a scene in Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla keeps her stand that she will never let Ishita come back home. Raman thinks of Ishita. Ruhi stops Raman from taking the harmful medicines. She swaps the medicines for his betterment. Raman agrees to Ruhi. Ishita gets hopeful that everything will get fine.

Simmi asks Raman about his medicines. Raman tells her about the medicines Ruhi has given him. Simmi fills his ears against Ruhi. Raman tells her that Ruhi is her business partner now, and he has to listen to her. She informs Parmeet about Ishita changing things in their lives. She asks him to book their tickets, as they are returning home to get rid of Ishita. She thinks Ishita will not follow them.

Aaliya tries to apologize to Adi. He never refuses to make their relation better. He feels she can never change. Adi gets upset with Aaliya. She gets hurt by his words. Ruhi informs Ishita that she has changed Raman’s medicines. Ishita keeps her promise of investing in their company. Ishita learns Raman is going back home. Simmi doesn’t let Raman talk to Ishita. Ishita asks Simmi why is she getting scared and running back as a coward. She tells Simmi that she will not leave from Raman’s life ever. Raman reaches Delhi with family. He keeps thinking of Ishita. He refuses to go home. He tells Simmi that he will go office. Simmi loses control on him. She thinks Ishita will not trouble them now. Ishita and Ashok also reach Delhi with their plan of helping Raman.


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