Teni’s cute demands with a motive in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni makes Parth cook food for her. She asks him to make spicy food. He cooks just parathas. She jokes on the shape of the parathas. She asks him to get something good, that she can eat. He asks her to have the food as prepared, he can’t make anything else. She asks him to get ghee along. She troubles him with a motive. He is bearing all her commands for the sake of his baby. She is doing everything to keep him busy, so that he forgets the sorrow. She knows Shorvori’s memories are making him sad.

Whenever she sees him upset, she starts keeping her demands and making him run around to pamper her. Teni teases him with her cute questions. Parth asks her to stop it now. He shows her the roti made for baby with love. She doesn’t get happy seeing the food. She gets scared of him and finishes the food. She tells him that she can’t walk now. She asks him to drop her to the room. Parth unwillingly agrees to her.



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