Avni rages at Juhi’s marriage plans in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni see the news on tv. Mishti hears that she is illegitimate child of Neil. Mishti repeats the word, which hurts Avni. Avni breaks down hearing the word from Mishti. Avni wants to make Mishti’s life better. Avni sees her childhood toys. She checks her memories and cries. She thinks of her troubled childhood. Neil, Neela and Bebe find her upset. Neil supports Avni. He assures her that nothing will go wrong now. Avni gets hurt. Neil does the aid with love. They think of making Mishti’s life better. She wants Mishti to get her rights.

Avni is very upset. She goes to visit Aisha’s grave. She shares her sorrow with Aisha. Neil can’t see her crying. Neil supports her. Avni says Aisha always supported such a man who never gave her relation respect and name. Neil is worried because of Vidyut. He says Vidyut is defaming me by using Juhi, he raised the question, why is Juhi and Mishti staying with me, now Mishti will become a reason for his arrest. They both are broken. They want to answer Vidyut. Neil and Avni console each other. Avni says you gave me a new life, how can I leave you, we will always be together. They make the love vows.

Avni tells him that she loves him a lot, and knows that he also loves her. She shares that she was thinking to leave him for Mishti’s sake, but now she is determined to face the destiny. Neil thankfully hugs her. Their misunderstandings get sorted. Juhi also arrives there with Ragini. She feels bad seeing Neil and Avni. Ragini fills her ears against Avni. Ragini plans to send Juhi back in Neil’s life, so that Avni’s marriage breaks. Ragini knows Juhi is sensitive and will come on her side. She plays with Juhi’s emotions. Ragini misleads Juhi into doing something to break Neil and Avni. Juhi will be turning negative.

Shweta tells Avni that Juhi is the reason for all the problems happening in their lives. Avni spies on Juhi, thinking this can be a possibility. Avni gives Mishti to Neil and Juhi. She doesn’t want Mishti to become another Avni. She learns Juhi’s truth, that she is willing to return in Neil’s life. Avni gets to know Juhi and Vidyut’s truth. Avni applies sindoor of Neil’s name. Vidyut kidnaps someone from Khanna mansion and blackmails Neil for marrying Juhi. When Vidyut keeps this condition, Neil gets ready to marry Juhi to save his family. The entire family is helpless by Vidyut’s condition.

Vidyut is emotionally blackmailing Juhi. Juhi is jealous of Avni. She has mixed feelings. She feels bad on her doings, but she is happy that she is getting her first love Neil. Neil doesn’t know Juhi is also involved in Vidyut’s plans. Avni reaches the mandap to stop the marriage. She breaks their ghatbandhan and tells Neil that Juhi is cheating them, she is supporting Vidyut. She gets angry on Juhi for back stabbing them. Avni doesn’t want Juhi to succeed in her plans. She can’t imagine Juhi has lied to them about Mishti’s paternity. She loses her cool when she knows Juhi’s huge game. Avni will be exposing Juhi’s true colors in front of the family.


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