Durga and Sanjay get separated in Meri Durga


Sanjay works out his plans, by revealing Durga’s truth to the world. He tells the media that Durga is madly in love with him, she wanted to marry him, so she has met his parents to threaten them. He reveals that his parents refused to Durga, but Durga has insulted them to take revenge. He tells them that Durga has defamed the family only because of her adamancy. He asks Durga to tell the media that his parents are innocent, so that they can live peacefully. Durga and her family get a huge shock. The media demands answer from Durga.

Yashpal and Rajveer take a stand for her. They get heartbroken seeing Durga’s true face. Sanjay acts totally blank about the matter. He plays innocent. The media asks Durga was the sting operation fake. Durga reveals to the media that she has married Sanjay as she loves him. She accepts Sanjay’s blames. Sanjay is left stunned.


Yashpal asks Durga not to be scared of anyone. Durga tells Yashpal that she is being true to Sanjay and family as well. She asks them not to ask anything now. Durga reprimands Sanjay for his doings. She shouts on him for hurting her family. Sanjay and Durga get into a heated argument. They both take a stand for their families. Sanjay warns her that she has invited new problems for herself. His parents insult Durga and her family. Neelkant asks them to get lost. Yashpal and Brij ask Durga why did she not share the matter with them. Rajveer fears that Sanjay has ruined Durga’s career completely. Yashpal tells Durga that he will not let Sanjay have it so easily. He threatens to kill Sanjay. Sanjay destroys the sports academy letter. Durga tells Sanjay that he will now see her shocking side now, since she hates him the most.


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