All gets well for Pooja-Naren in Piyaa Albela


Supriya recovers from the injury. Naren gets Supriya home. Happiness comes back in their lives. Naren bonds with Supriya after a long time. He realizes his mistake when Supriya risks her life for him. She has fought with death and came back for her son. Naren cries and apologizes to him. He tells her that he was much worried thinking he will lose her forever. Naren gets emotional. Supriya gets glad when Naren calls her Maa.

Mr. Kapoor feels guilty and gets Pooja released from jail. He apologizes to Naren and Pooja. Naren doesn’t want to forgive Mr. Kapoor. Rahul and Surbhi return home. They ask Naren to forgive them and fall in their feet. Naren asks Rahul to leave from the house if he wants to be alive. Rahul and Surbhi ask Supriya to forgive them. Supriya asks Naren to give another chance to Rahul and Surbhi. She convinces Naren. Rahul and Surbhi apologize to Pooja as well. Pooja thinks of keeping an eye on them. She knows Rahul and Surbhi will plan something again. She warns them against doing anything wrong. She doesn’t want to believe them. Naren spends time with Harish and Supriya. They have a happy moment.


Naren and Pooja talk of the hurdles they faced. Naren tries to lighten the moment. Naren presents her the tea. He asks her to add more taste to the tea. He then surprises her by hiding the ring in the sugar box. Pooja sees the ring and gets emotional. Naren makes her wear the ring. They have a romantic moment. Harsha breaks the moment to give them a good news. She gives them the wedding card. She asks them to stop the drama and start preparing for marriage. Pooja gets shy. Naren and Pooja get the marriage date. Harsha tells them that the marriage is just three days away. They look forward for their new start.


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