Ahana feels guilty of her new relation in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Anant tells Ahana that Laila wants the marriage to be grand, as per their status. He tells her that there is no other truth, as Laila happily agreed. He feels very happy that everything got fine, and changed before they expected. Gupta meets the bank manager and plans to create troubles for Laila. He thinks his surprise will really be a shock for Laila. Saloni gets glad to know Laila has given her nod for Ahana and Anant’s marriage. Laila tells Saloni that she will not invite Guptas in the marriage. Saloni gets worried thinking of answering Tarun.

Ahana plans a dinner with Anant. Yamini thinks to surprise Anant, as its big day for him. Anant tells her that he won’t be dining at home. Yamini doesn’t tell him that she planned a dinner surprise for him. She acts selfless and lets him step in his new life.

Roshni calls up Anant and makes a mind to return home to surprise him. She thinks he is feeling lonely at home. He doesn’t tell her about his dinner plan with Ahana. Roshni asks Karan to take her home. Anant and Ahana meet for dinner. Anant invites Ahana home. He takes romance lessons from Ahana. She compliments him for being a quick learner. Yamini cries thinking of Anant. She hides on seeing him with Ahana. Anant and Ahana spend some time. Yamini gets heartbroken seeing them. Roshni returns home. She gets a shock on seeing Anant and Ahana close. Yamini fails to stop Roshni. Roshni loses her cool thinking Anant lied to her. She gets disappointed. She starts yelling on him, and gives him a tough choice between Ahana and her. Anant fails to explain Roshni. Roshni blames Ahana for snatching Anant. Ahana feels guilty of her decision.


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