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Avni is very upset. She goes to visit Aisha’s grave. She shares her sorrow with Aisha. Neil can’t see her crying. Neil supports her. Avni says Aisha always supported such a man who never gave her relation respect and name. Neil is worried because of Vidyut. He says Vidyut is defaming me by using Juhi, he raised the question, why is Juhi and Mishti staying with me, now Mishti will become a reason for his arrest. They both are broken. They want to answer Vidyut. Neil and Avni console each other. Avni says you gave me a new life, how can I leave you, we will always be together. They make the love vows.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren and Pooja have a moment. Naren presents her the tea. He asks her to add more taste to the tea. He then surprises her by hiding the ring in the sugar box. Pooja sees the ring and gets emotional. Naren makes her wear the ring. They have a romantic moment. Harsha breaks the moment to give them a good news. She gives them the wedding card. She asks them to stop the drama and start preparing for marriage. Pooja gets shy. Naren and Pooja get the marriage date. Harsha tells them that the marriage is just three days away. They look forward for their new start.


Preeto is paying for her mistakes. Harak has made her leave the house. Preeto sheds tears and thinks if anyone will come to stop her. Raavi stops Preeto. She asks Preeto to come back home, Harak will apologize to her. Preeto sadly tells her that he would have come to stop his wife, he is really after Mohini now. She refuses to come home. Preeto has got homeless.


Abhay wants to take revenge from Oberoi family. He has a strong connection with Kalyani mills fire incident, since his family got ruined after it. He shouts to blame Tej. He feels Tej is his culprit. He says my dad was an honest man, he wanted to support truth, you couldn’t accept this, you made him out of the business, he was also a partner, he has worked hard for the business, but Tej burnt the mills to get insurance money to set this empire. He asks Tej to accept his sins. He says Tej brought my family on roads, and made this big empire for himself. Tej couldn’t accept the blames. He asks Abhay to mind his language, they will not accept any nonsense. He tells Abhay some secrets related to his dad.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Tetar Singh wants to get Babbu Singh and Nimki married. The family is against his decision. Babbu doesn’t want to marry Nimki. Dadi says Tetar has lost his mind. Babbu gets angry and asks his Dadi to get her son treated. He says if Tetar is mad, then I have same blood, I swear I will kill him if he doesn’t change this decision, anything would have happened to my mum today.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:

Preeti was thinking Tejaswini and Prem will be separated when Tejaswini is asked to choose between Prem and her duties. Tejaswini tells Preeti that Prem didn’t get trapped in Mandira’s plan. She reveals to Preeti that Prem and she are playing a game by acting to fight. She says Prem didn’t accept Mandira as his mum, its just a drama to fool Mandira and Preeti. Preeti gets a shock knowing Tejaswini’s plan.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi misses Pragya. He doesn’t believe Pragya is real. They both get into an argument. Pragya tells him that he was missing her and she knows this. He feels the one in front of him is not Pragya. Pragya tries to prove she is his Fuggi.

Woh Apna Sa:

Arjun feeds food to Babasa with love. Babasa sees Aditya in him. Babasa gets too emotional. Arjun sits talking to him. He has saved Babasa’s life from Nisha. Jia gets hopeful that Arjun is Aditya’s reincarnation. She wants to make Arjun realize this truth. She tells Kakimaa that they have to make some plan by which Arjun can recall his past birth life. She is sure that once Arjun recalls the truth, he will support them in fighting with Nisha.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma and Kanak call Aditya for Surya Namaskar ritual. Aditya gets troubled. Uma asks him to at least learn from little Shiv. Aditya takes an avatar like Uma. Uma asks Aditya to follow them, they will be doing 101 Surya Namaskar. Aditya says I remember, I never forget anything. He then makes excuses to run away. He says I m sorry, I want to do Surya Namaskar, but I started getting headache. Kanak stops Aditya from leaving. She tells Uma that Aditya will not get fine if he goes to room and rest, she has a solution for Aditya.


Suraj gets a call. He gets informed about Ranvijay. His happiness gets a hurdle. Suraj tells the matter to Chakor. She tells him that she will also come along. Suraj refuses to take her along. He tells her that he will give the statement against Ranvijay, its important, else Ranvijay will get released. Chakor permits him to go. They don’t want Ranvijay to get released, realizing he will become a threat for his own family and them again.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Roshni decides to expose Anjali in front of entire family. She goes and meets Simar. She sees Simar sleeping and speaks her heart out. She tells Simar that she is doing this for the family’s good, she didn’t wish to hurt anyone. She takes Simar’s blessings. She leaves secretly. Simar senses Roshni and wakes up. Roshni stays in outhouse. She worries knowing Simar is unwell. Simar pampers Anjali. She feeds the food by her hands. Anjali says this reminded me of childhood days.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj gets attacked by some goons. His state gets bad. Devi gets him home and calls the doctor. Devi gets concerned for him. Her emotions get evident. She takes care of Adhiraj. She does her duties. Doctor does the bandage to Adhiraj’s wound. Devi stops Maasa from meeting Adhiraj. Maasa had sent the goons to attack Adhiraj. She knows this and asks Maasa not to meet Adhiraj, as she has lost the rights now, Adhiraj needs treatment, not her concern now. Maasa worries for Adhiraj. She regrets for her doings. Maasa was trying to make Devi away from Adhiraj. She didn’t know Adhiraj’s life will fall in danger. Devi doesn’t want to take any risk. She doesn’t let Maasa and Urmi step in her room.


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