Naren and Pooja’s mehendi gets a twist in Piyaa Albela


Naren and Pooja’s mehendi ceremony will be seen. Surbhi plans to create troubles for Pooja. Naren applies mehendi to Pooja first. She gets emotional. The entire family celebrates happiness. Pooja is very happy. Supriya doesn’t want Naren and Pooja to catch anyone’s bad sight again. She does Pooja’s aarti. Supriya drops the mehendi bowl by mistake when Surbhi collides with her. She fears by the inauspicious happening. Pooja consoles Supriya. Naren finds a solution. He applies mehendi to Pooja by the mehendi applied on his hands. They join hands and share the mehendi. The moment turns cute. Pooja catches Surbhi for spoiling their happiness. She makes Surbhi away from the function.

Naren asks Supriya not to worry, nothing can make him and Pooja away now. He assures that he will always protect Pooja and the family. He doesn’t want their happiness to get spoiled by any blind beliefs. Supriya gets flashes of the past. She tells them that she remembers that such abshagun happened last time also, and Naren was the one who handled the situation. Everyone praises Naren’s smartness.



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