Anjali to provoke Piyush in Sasural Simar Ka


Roshni has left Bharadwaj house to expose Anjali. Piyush is much upset with Roshni. Anjali plays a new game. Piyush gets angry that Roshni has stood against the family. He says I can’t bear Roshni going away, she has to come back to convince me, I will not support her. Sanjana asks Piyush is he missing Roshni. She suggests him to meet Roshni, as he knows Roshni and he are incomplete without each other. She asks him to find out where is Roshni, if he worries for her.

Anjali overhears them. She provokes Piyush. She tells them that Roshni is living well, while they are worried thinking Roshni made a big sacrifice by leaving the house. She asks them to come and see Roshni’s comforts. She takes them to outhouse. She shows Roshni hiding and living well in outhouse. Piyush decides to support Anjali. The family asks Roshni to come back home. He is annoyed that Roshni has gone for a small issue. He didn’t wish Roshni to go away. He regrets for Roshni’s doings. He believed Roshni can never do anything wrong. Anjali blames Roshni for making everyone regretful and acting great.



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