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Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni succeeds in making the caretaker away. She scares the girl by planning a drama. The Bhanushali women help Teni. They all take the ghost avatar to scare the girl. Teni doesn’t want Parth to stay away from her. Even the family wants Parth to look after Teni and the baby, which will help him get over the sorrow. The caretaker runs away from the house. Teni gets happy that she finally succeeded. Dadi says the girl ran away seeing our faces, we can sleep in peace now. The caretaker learns its Teni’s planning.


Mishti runs away from Juhi. She hugs Avni and tells her that she regards her as mother. Avni and Neil pacify Mishti. Juhi gets angry on Avni. She takes Mishti from them. She asks them to be away from her daughter. She apologizes to them. She tells them that they didn’t think of Mishti while planning to arrest Vidyut. She says I have told Mishti that I m her mum, since she is hearing about the paternity test talks happening in the house. Neil asks Juhi not to create an issue. Mishti faints by fear. Juhi scolds Avni for planning the test without asking her. She says I m Mishti’s mum, you should have asked me once, see you have done this with Mishti, you have scared her. She asks Neil to know what can Vidyut do with them.


Shwetlana and Abhay plan to trouble the Oberois. Anika turns into a spy to ruin Shwetlana’s plans. Anika tells Shwetlana that she will throw her out. She gives a challenge to Shwetlana. She doesn’t want Shwetlana to ruin the family. The family turns upset with Shivay. Anika keeps threatening Shwetlana. Gauri and Bhavya join Anika in their new task to get rid of Shwetlana. Rudra also contributes some ideas to trouble Shwetlana. Anika feels Shwetlana has forced Shivay by blackmailing him.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sameer tries to explain Karan that he really has feelings for Preeta, that’s why he is getting hurt seeing Preeta with Prithvi. He tells Karan that his annoyance is only because of his love, since he feels Preeta is cheating him. Karan gets into thinking over his feelings. He meets Preeta and they have an argument. Karan challenges to bring Prithvi’s truth out. He tells Preeta that he will dine with her today and then he will show Prithvi’s truth. He wants to provoke Prithvi and make him react so that his truth comes out.


Kartik and Naira have a romance sequence in Greece. They act like filmi couple and relive their love moments. They turn strangers to explore a new love story in a foreign land. Kartik and Naira meet at the pub and have a dance. Aryan plans to send Kartik to jail. He wants revenge. He says Suwarna will know about her son’s arrest and get a surprise for me, it will be real fun when this news reaches Goenkas.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni has promised Uttara Devi that she will always support her. Uttara starts troubling her to test her patience and see if she can really keep her promise. Uttara goes a long way to trouble Falguni. She ruins Falguni’s designed saree for Niyati’s marriage. Falguni gets numb at the sight, but doesn’t oppose her, just to keep her words. She has promised Niyati that she will return her happiness. She wants Niyati and Vidhaan to get married. Falguni faces much humiliation. Uttara wants to use Falguni’s promise against her.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren and Pooja’s mehendi ceremony will be seen. Naren applies mehendi to Pooja first. She gets emotional. The entire family celebrates happiness. Pooja is very happy. Supriya doesn’t want Naren and Pooja to catch anyone’s bad sight again. She does Pooja’s aarti. Supriya drops the mehendi bowl by mistake. She fears by the inauspicious happening. Pooja consoles Supriya. Naren finds a solution. He applies mehendi to Pooja by the mehendi applied on his hands. They join hands and share the mehendi. The moment turns cute. Pooja catches Surbhi for spoiling their happiness. She makes Surbhi away from the function.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti learns that Ahaan has broken up his guitar in anger, and now he has no guitar for use. She decides to gift a guitar to him. Ahaan sends birthday greetings to Pankti by giving his message on radio. Pankti hears Ahaan’s message and gets happy. Pankti sends the guitar for Ahaan by taking Uday’s help. Uday gets to see JD’s aide. He doubts on him and follows him, to get a shock seeing him meet JD. Ahaan sees Pankti forced to dance in front of everyone. He gets to see JD being the devil in their lives.


Kasturi and Tejaswini dance with Chakor in the baby shower function. Chakor is happy seeing everyone happy. They all bless the coming baby. The celebrations stop when Bhaiya ji plays his next move. Imli informs them that Bhaiya ji has kidnapped Pakhi. The villagers get a shock. Kasturi asks Imli is she sure of this. Imli says yes, I have seen him taking Pakhi in his car. Chakor asks them not to worry, she won’t let anything happen to Pakhi. She says I know why he did this, he has done this to trouble me, I will find out where did he take Pakhi, I will get Pakhi back. She assures Pakhi’s parents that they will have Pakhi with them soon. Chakor misses Suraj who has gone Banaras for Ranvijay’s matter. Chakor and Imli go to find Pakhi. Chakor doesn’t know Imli is also involved in Bhaiya ji’s plan.


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