High voltage drama with Chakor’s kidnapping in Udaan

Udaan: Chakor gets in dilemma over Raghav's truth

Bhaiya ji has kidnapped Chakor by using Pakhi. He knows Suraj has gone to Banaras and takes advantage of the situation. Chakor reaches the godown to save Pakhi from the evil clutches of Bhaiya ji. She says your game is over now, leave Pakhi. She asks him how did he fall so low to use a little kid for his motives. Bhaiya ji stops Chakor and asks her did she really think he will leave Pakhi. Chakor asks what did Pakhi do. He says I have used her as bait to catch to fish. He reveals his plans.

Chakor tells him that she is not scared of him as she knows his evil mind. He ties her up. She asks him to give her pain to the level which is tolerable by him, since Suraj will give him equal pain in return. She says when Suraj knows this, he will kill you. Bhaiya ji tortures her. She threatens him of police. She tells him that she has left proof to get him arrested. Bhaiya ji beats her up, knowing she is pregnant. Chakor tells him that he is inviting his death by hurting her. He tells her that Suraj will never know his plans.



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