KaiRa get experimental with their love story in Yeh Rishta…

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Naira and Kartik act strangers again and plan a date at a club. Dadi misses Naira. She finds the house peaceful. She gets bored at home. The family understands that Dadi is missing Naira, though she is not telling them. Suwarna plans to invite Singhania ladies and have a get together. Manish hides the tension from the family.

Kartik and Naira meet at the club. They enjoy having a dance. Their romance continues. Kartik gets smitten by her charm. They share their feelings over reliving the romance again. Aryan gets a video. He plans to send Kartik to jail. He wants Suwarna to bear the pain by seeing Kartik behind bars. He feels he will get justice by hurting Kartik. Aryan doesn’t see Kartik, who is close around. Kartik impresses Naira by his sweet talk. They plan their filmi romance.

At the Goenka’s get together, the women make a talk about Kirti. Singhanias defend Kirti in front of the women. Dadi gets happy when Kirti is praised by them. Surekha spoils the fun by saying Naira is bit different. Dadi manages the situation by equally praising Naira. Singhanias and Goenkas have a mutual admiration. Baisa gets doubtul about Kirti by hearing the women. Bhabhimaa tells Baisa that people have a habit to speak bad about others. They all show belief in Kirti. Naksh and Kirti land in Greece and plan their romantic outing. Naksh wants to fulfill Kirti’s dreams.


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