Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya-Ratan get close to learn their enemy


Ratan wants the attacker to get caught soon. He doubts on Yash for letting the attacker free every time. Diya has strong belief in Yash, who always proved his loyalty. She doesn’t want to hear anything against Yash. Yash feels he has failed to catch the culprit. He swears to protect Ratan and nab his enemy. Yash tightens the security. Ratan realizes Yash got hurt by his blames. He sweetly apologizes to Yash and ends the matter. Diya protects Ratan again. Diya tries to find out who has planned against Ratan. Diya and Ratan catch the henchman to know the real culprit. They don’t get exact info about the woman. Diya gets more alert. Diya has to unveil the hidden enemy in Ratan’s family.

Ratan tries to apologize to Diya too. He realizes his mistake. He acknowledges Diya’s round the clock alertness and efforts to protect him. He writes a sorry note for her. She gets the note and looks for him. He couldn’t express himself. She asks him what did he write on the chit. He says you are educated, you can read it. She tells him that the chit has gone away, if he has come, he can tell her himself. She understands he wants to say sorry. She shows her smartness. He says I understood you won’t agree without hearing it from me. He apologizes and says I will not do any mistake again. Diya gets glad that Ratan has a sense of understanding.


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