Sudha turns more venomous in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha acts good to Lakshya in front of Anami. When Anami goes for some work, Sudha shows her evil side by telling a scary story to Lakshya. He gets too scared by hearing the tale. Anami gets to see Sudha scaring the little kid, when he is away from his mum. She asks Sudha why is she scaring Lakshya. She doesn’t want Sudha to be around Lakshya. Sudha feels she got caught and tries to put up a good drama. Anami asks her to leave. Sudha gets angered that Anami is showing her attitude. She thinks she has to be careful as Lakshya is Anami’s weakness.

Anami gets thinking of Satrupa’s words if Sudha is really mentally ill. She gets suspicious about Sudha. She wonders if she has really put the family at risk by getting Sudha home. She recalls Adhiraj’s warning about Sudha. Anami considers Satrupa’s idea of getting Sudha treated at home. Anami asks Sudha if she will agree to her request.

Sudha acts good towards her. Satrupa gets glad seeing Anami taking Sudha out of the house. Sudha feels humiliated when Anami makes her out of Lal Mahal and offers her to stay in outhouse, so that she can get treated. The family is happy that Anami is getting justice for them, thinking Dadi is at risk by Sudha’s madness. Satrupa is proud that Anami supported them. Sudha gets angry on Anami. She controls her temper. Anami requests Sudha to stay away from the family for everyone’s good. Sudha shows she has no complains to stay out of the house. Sudha turns mad for revenge. She thinks she should have killed Dadi that day. She likes to play the game with Satrupa. Dadi and Satrupa’s plan works. They are happy that they succeeded to show Sudha’s truth to Anami.


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