An emotionally shattering moment for Avni in Naamkarann

Naamkarann serial

Mishti gets glad to meet Ragini pandit. She asks her to come home. Ragini Pandit tells her that she will meet her family later. Mishti tells her about her angel Avni. Ragini Pandit teaches her the word illegitimate and tells her that she is illegitimate. Mishti doesn’t understand. Ragini Pandit tells Mishti the meaning of the word. She says such children stay sad forever, no one loves them. Mishti gets sad. Juhi asks Mishti where did she go. Mishti doesn’t tell her anything.

Shweta and Avni try to find out who has informed the media. Shweta tells Avni that this incident is just beneficial for Juhi. She shares the truth of the video recording. Avni tells Shweta that Juhi is not bad hearted. Shweta tells her that Juhi is doing everything for Mishti, just to save her future. Avni gets doubtful about Juhi.

Neil’s affair news makes him defamed. Neil’s loyalty towards his duty is questioned by the media. The media calls him a fraud cop. Neil gets disheartened seeing how the media is using Juhi against him. Neela and Ali get worried seeing Neil’s defamation. Neil and Juhi’s affair news spreads in the city. Everyone loses trust in Neil. Shweta gets blamed by the family. Shweta tells Bebe that she didn’t inform the media.

Vidyut is happy seeing his mum blackening Neil’s life and career. She tells him that she will use Juhi against Neil and Avni. The family tries to keep a smile so that Neil doesn’t feel low. Mishti tells them that she is illegitimate. Avni gets a huge shock. The family thinks Mishti has heard this on news. Avni’s old wounds get fresh on hearing Mishti. Avni sees herself in Mishti. She revisits her old memories. The childhood trauma gets revived in her mind.

Neil finds Avni shattered. He supports her. Neela tells the family that Avni is strong, she will cope up with the happenings. Neil promises Avni that he will solve everything. He feels sorry that he has just given her pain and sorrow. He asks her to leave him if she wants, as he can’t see her dealing with his problems forever. Vidyut is sure that Juhi will never go against him. He tells his mum that Neil and Avni have gone to the graveyard, and he has called Juhi there as well. Ragini Pandit hurts herself to keep wounds fresh. She tells Vidyut that their real enemy is Avni. She tells her plan that she will remind Avni her pain by using Mishti. She wants to break down Avni. She tells him that Mishti is a weapon who will break Avni and Neil. Ragini Pandit meets Juhi at the graveyard, to brainwash her against Avni. She persuades Juhi to get back in Neil’s life as she is his first love.


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