Saloni turns upset with Gupta’s move in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Tarun wants to keep the matter hidden from Saloni. She asks Tarun how did his dad trouble her mom. Tarun tells her that he will talk to his dad. Saloni wants an answer from Gupta. Tarun talks to Gupta. Gupta tells him that he has done this to get his money back, and when Tarun has failed to protect his richness, then he had to do this to teach a lesson to Laila. He asks Tarun not to get in between this fight. Ahana asks Laila to manage the situation as this happened because of her over the top fake richness put-up. Rehaan gets the invites for Anant’s friends. He worries that his lie will be known to Anant.

Laila tries to arrange money to pay to the hotel. She doesn’t want the booking to get cancelled. She tells Saloni that Gupta is ruining her, and now she knows how to manage him. Saloni feels sorry for Laila. Laila fails to convince the hotel manager. Laila gets angry on Ahana, who is happily buying jewelry, knowing that her mom is struggling for money. She feels Ahana is taking revenge from her.

Laila brainstorms to find a solution. Laila comes up with a plan to settle the loans. Laila thinks of running away to avoid landing in jail. Rehaan learns about Anant knowing about his lie from his friend. He gets worried thinking how would he face Anant. Anant takes the family for shopping. He invites Ahana too. Ahana joins them. She helps out Roshni in selecting the right dresses. Anant gets happy with Ahana and Roshni’s bonding. Yamini gets hurt on seeing Anant with Ahana. Anant thanks Ahana for coming to help his children.


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