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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Juhi, Shweta and Bebe take Mishti to the park to make her forget about Vidyut. Mishti gets happy playing with kids in a park. The women get rude towards her. Shweta scolds the women for hurting a little girl’s heart. Bebe also defends Mishti. Juhi feels sorry. She consoles Mishti. Mishti was feeling lonely at home. They thought to get her a change, but her mood gets more spoiled. Mishti meets Ragini Pandit in the park, who tries to influence her.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara plans a grand wedding anniversary party for Jayant and her. She invites her friend Kamini. Kamini and her daughter Kaira come home to attend the anniversary party. Uttara asks Kamini to plan the party and also a return gift. She thinks to ask for Kaira’s hand for Vidhaan. Vidhaan gets happy on meeting Kaira. Uttara decides to get them married. Niyati gets upset when Falguni is called at Uttara’s house for work. She doesn’t want Falguni to go. Falguni lends support to Uttara as promised. She goes to help the family in the party arrangements. Falguni gets to see Vidhaan and Kaira close. She gets a huge shock on knowing Uttara’s decision to get Vidhaan married to Kaira.


Mohini and Raavi have a cat fight. Raavi asks Mohini why does she interfere in family matter. Mohini asks Raavi not to taunt her, no one has asked her opinion. They have an argument. Mohini twists Raavi’s hand in anger. Mohini sees Harak and turns into a victim. She shows him that Raavi was torturing her. She asks Harak to see Raavi, she is breaking her hand. Raavi tries to explain Harak. Harak slaps Raavi. Mohini tells Harak that Raavi was throwing her out of the house. Raavi gets hurt emotionally.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja prays for Supriya and wants to get all the troubles on herself. She wants Supriya to recover completely. Rakesh escapes from the jail. He gets revengeful that Pooja had sent him to jail. He doesn’t want Pooja to return home alive. He plans to kill her. Naren reaches Pooja and gets a huge shock on seeing her get shot. Supriya turns into a savior for Pooja. She reaches the temple and pushes Pooja away. Supriya saves Pooja from the murder plotting. Pooja’s prayers get answered.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sanjana is going to give an Agnipariksha for her love. Anjali is trying to rule over the family. She wants to get the house control completely. She asks Sanjana to prove her love if she is true to Sameer. Anjali tells the family that Sanjana is upset, since she loves Sameer a lot, but she didn’t get anything in return. She sympathizes with Sanjana. Sanjana tells Anjali that Sameer and her relation is not so weak that it breaks off. Anjali tells the family that Sanjana’s love and relation is strong, they all believe her, but she has to prove this to Sameer as well.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth plans to go US. He wants to get rid of Teni. Teni and the entire family is planning to end his loneliness. The family is trying to bring Parth and Teni closer. Teni is worried that Parth is going away. Teni breaks this news to the family. She asks them to stop Parth. She feels Parth wants to sink himself in sorrow and loneliness, he shouldn’t go away from the family. The family thinks of some ideas to stop Parth from going. Dadi suggests they should lock Parth in the room when he gets prepared to catch the flight. Indu suggests that they can hide his suitcase. Teni likes the ideas.

Kundali Bhagya:

Rishabh and Karan get a huge shock on knowing Preeta is caught up in the fire. Preeta’s family doesn’t want to leave from Kumkum Bhagya hall, which means everything for them. Kareena gets a big drama by her arguments. Everyone vacates the hall. Sarla and Shrishti worry for Preeta. Sherlyn acts like she doesn’t know Prithvi well. Karan reaches Preeta to save her from the fire in a heroic style. Karan gets caught up in the fire as well. Karan and Preeta save each other like true companions. Rishabh takes care of Sarla and Shrishti.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep drugs Aarohi to make her believe that she is imagining things. He wants to prove Prithvi innocent. He wants Aarohi to forget all that she has witnessed. The family manipulates Aarohi. She gets depressed when Deep doesn’t trust her. She fails to prove herself. Deep is like a dream for Aarohi, but he is cheating her on the name of love. Deep loves Tara. He is doing all the plotting to save Tara. Inspector Lakshya tries to contact Aarohi.


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