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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika romance while playing with the colors, while the family is away to make them spend some private time. The couple celebrates their togetherness. The family returns home. They all see the color mess in the house. They find Shivay colorful as well. They understand that some romance has really brew up between Shivay and Anika. Shivay gets the mess cleared before the elders come. Anika shares her happiness with Gauri and Bhavya. Shivay and Anika romance while dining with everyone. Rudra supports the lovers.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Ishita reveals to her family about Simmi. She tells them that Simmi has hurt Pihu a lot, she has created differences between Adi and Aaliya and also made Ruhi away from Raman. She tells them that Simmi is manipulating the family. She then reveals about Simmi giving wrong medics to Raman and making him lose his memory. She gets hurt that Simmi is taking revenge from her by hurting the family. She tells them that Raman doesn’t remember her and anyone else, its all because of Simmi’s revenge. She is sure that Raman will soon remember her. She tells the family that her children will support her in this fight. The family gets a shock knowing Simmi has turned so evil to plan against her own brother.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha acts good to Lakshya in front of Anami. When Anami goes for some work, Sudha shows her evil side by telling a scary story to Lakshya. He gets too scared by hearing the tale. Anami gets to see Sudha scaring the little kid, when he is away from his mum. She asks Sudha why is she scaring Lakshya. She doesn’t want Sudha to be around Lakshya. Sudha feels she got caught and tries to put up a good drama. Anami asks her to leave. Sudha gets angered that Anami is showing her attitude. She thinks she has to be careful as Lakshya is Anami’s weakness.


    Vidyut takes the help of media and exposes Neil for Juhi’s fake murder case. He tries to prove that every blame on his mum is fake. He tells the media that even the nurse’s murder happened in the hospital maybe a drama. He wants an answer from Neil. He tells them that Neil has enmity with his mum. Mishti gets too scared of Vidyut. Vidyut stains Neil’s name. He risks Neil’s career. He asks the police department for justice. He wants his mum’s life to get better. Neil apologizes to his seniors. He can’t reveal that Shweta has leaked the news to the media. He feels sorry that his plan got failed because of his family. He sees Vidyut becoming a hero in front of everyone.


    Naira and Kartik act strangers again and plan a date at a club. Dadi misses Naira. She finds the house peaceful. She gets bored at home. The family understands that Dadi is missing Naira, though she is not telling them. Suwarna plans to invite Singhania ladies and have a get together. Manish hides the tension from the family. Kartik and Naira meet at the club. They enjoy having a dance. Their romance continues. Kartik gets smitten by her charm. They share their feelings over reliving the romance again. Aryan watches a video. He plans to send Kartik to jail.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Laila turns angry knowing Gupta has played the wicked move to trouble her. She tries to talk to Ahana and make a leave. Yamini decides to leave when she gets upset on seeing Anant and Ahana close. Roshni doesn’t want to let Yamini go. Yamini tells her that Ahana will be with them. Roshni faints. Yamini gets worried for her. Laila feels Roshni is doing a drama. Ahana doesn’t feel Roshni is planning to hurt them. Laila asks Ahana to be alert, as Roshni can create troubles for Anant and her relation. Anant asks Yamini not to leave them. Yamini tries to be away. She doesn’t tell him the real reason. Anant asks Yamini to stay back, as she is their family. Yamini stays back for Anant’s sake.

    Meri Durga:

    Gayatri asks Sanjay not to get Durga back, as she will face more humiliation by the society if she stays with her parents. Durga gets admission in the academy. She gets happy and shares the news with Yashpal. While he plans to take her home, she decides to return to Sanjay’s house, so that she can show him the truth of his parents. Yashpal refuses to allow her. Durga tells him that she can manage herself, she won’t let Sanjay’s parents between her goals. Sanjay wants to insult Durga more. He decides to get her home. He doesn’t listen to Gayatri. He leaves for Durga’s house, while Durga reaches his house. Sanjay asks for Durga. He faces the anger of Durga’s family. Yashpal loses his cool.

    Gayatri doesn’t let Durga come inside the house. She asks Durga not to join the sports academy. She doesn’t want Durga to make her career. Durga doesn’t agree to her conditions. She stays outside the house to wait for Sanjay. Sanjay falls down. Yashpal informs his family that Sanjay got hurt. Gayatri gets raging thinking they have intentionally hurt Sanjay. Durga feels Sanjay should have come to take her. She doesn’t know about his injury. Rajveer finds Durga outside the house. He takes her home.


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