Piyaa Albela: Naren finds Pooja’s life in danger


Pooja teaches a lesson to Surbhi when the latter spoils the fun in the pre-wedding functions. Pooja doesn’t want Supriya to suffer. She gets determined to make Supriya attend Naren’s wedding. Pooja wants Supriya to be happy. Supriya starts recalling the past. The family gets hopeful of her recovery. Supriya becomes Rahul’s target. Rahul wants to stop the marriage by using Supriya. He takes advantage of her fragile state. Supriya’s life falls in danger when she gets affected by the poison fed by Rahul. Surpiya is rushed to the hospital. She gets critical. Pooja has belief that Supriya will get fine.

Pooja prays for Supriya and wants to get all the troubles on herself. She wants Supriya to recover completely. Rakesh escapes from the jail. He gets revengeful that Pooja had sent him to jail. He doesn’t want Pooja to return home alive. He plans to kill her. Naren reaches Pooja and gets a huge shock on seeing her get shot. Supriya turns into a savior for Pooja. She reaches the temple and pushes Pooja away. Supriya saves Pooja from the murder plotting. Pooja’s prayers get answered.



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