Bhanushalis flop Parth’s getaway plans in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth plans to go US. He wants to get rid of Teni. Teni and the entire family is planning to end his loneliness. The family is trying to bring Parth and Teni closer. Teni is worried that Parth is going away. Teni breaks this news to the family. She asks them to stop Parth. She feels Parth wants to sink himself in sorrow and loneliness, he shouldn’t go away from the family. The family thinks of some ideas to stop Parth from going. Dadi suggests they should lock Parth in the room when he gets prepared to catch the flight. Indu suggests that they can hide his suitcase. Teni likes the ideas.

Teni says I have an idea, Dada ji can help us, we should make our plan look normal so that Parth doesn’t doubt on us. Dada ji solves the matter by using his business contacts. He tells them that he has solved the problem, after all he is smart as Parth. Parth comes home. He tells the family that he is going US in two days. The family doesn’t oppose him. They act supportive of his decision. Indu asks Parth to do shopping for her. Parth gets a call. He tells them that his trip got cancelled. The family gets happy that Dada ji’s idea worked. Parth doesn’t realize that his family has flopped his plans.


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