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Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun recalls his past life and promises his family that he will make everything fine. Arjun and Jia’s cute arguments continue. Jia is happy that Arjun now remembers he is Aditya. She wants to see him changing. Jia turns caring towards him. They both have a moment. Nisha learns Arjun has learnt his past. She gets a shock when Arjun reprimands her for her big sins. He counts down Nisha’s crimes. Jia gets hopeful that Arjun will settle scores with Nisha. Arjun gets raging on finding what Nisha did with the family after killing Aditya and Jhanvi. He wants to punish Nisha. Arjun angrily hurts Nisha. He wants to get justice for the family, who was tortured by Nisha. He then suddenly collapses. Jia and family worries for him.

Laado 2:
Yuvraaj is upset with his dad. He doubts on his brother, thinking he is behind the incident happened with Jhanvi. He tells them that he will find the culprit and get him punished. The family hides their criminal side from Yuvraaj.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Maasa regrets for her planning. Devi doesn’t want to risk Adhiraj’s life. She gives an ultimatum to Maasa. She asks Maasa to either accept her or be ready to lose Adhiraj. Devi takes care of Adhiraj. She does the aid to his wounds. She wants his wounds to heal soon. She tells him that wounds heal, but memories always stay in mind. She tells him how he has gave her the wound on Maasa’s saying. Adhiraj feels guilty. She wishes she shares Adhiraj’s pain. She loves Adhiraj and doesn’t want him to tolerate any pain.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Lakshya arrives to arrest Aarohi. Aarohi gets worried. She hugs Deep and sheds tears. He asks him to save her. The man blames Aarohi for theft. Aarohi denies the blames. Lakshya shows the video to Aarohi. Aarohi tells him that the girl in the video is not her. Tara has taken her avatar to defame her. Deep knows Tara is the one who did this. Tara has slapped Deep angrily and made it clear that his love is just for her. She was angry on Aarohi for stealing Deep from her. Aarohi gets thinking about her lookalike. Deep confuses her to make her believe she has done the theft.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Siddhi learns Vin is the guy she met and helped before. She determines to get him punished. Manjiri requests the witness to not testify against her son. She feels Vin is not responsible for Zai’s state. They don’t know the real culprit is Rajveer. Siddhi promises Manjiri that she will get Vin punished at any cost. She asks Manjiri to think about Zai’s pain and decide being a woman herself.

Raj gets arrested by police. He is blamed for sarpanch’s death. Before Raj is made away, he reveals Chandar’s planning to Amba and alerts her. He requests her to save Mannu from the evil plotting, since everyone’s lives are at stake. Amba agrees to Raj, after doubting on Chandar. Jagan and Chandar try to steal the documents from Mannu. Amba and Mannu nab the culprit and save the documents. Mannu’s life falls in danger. Chandar plans to knock her out of the way.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sanjana walks on the burning coal to give the Agnipariksha. Sanjana doesn’t stop on anyone’s request. She gets hurt, but continues walking. She gets her feet burnt. Sameer saves Sanjana. She stops Sanjana from her step. He tells her that she doesn’t need to do anything to prove her love.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan has a habit to play with risks, while Diya has a habit to protect him from any hidden dangers. Diya tells Ratan that she will stay with him in the same room to protect him. Ratan and Diya have a moment. They get spotted by the family. They oppose her from staying in Kesar Mahal. Diya gets adamant to stay with Ratan, as she is his Pehredaar. Ratan likes the country’s progress and jokes on Diya’s boldness. He supports Diya’s decision. Diya helps Ratan by making him relieved of excess security. She feels she herself is enough to protect him.


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