Naamkarann: Juhi seeks help from Vidyut


Avni promises to always stand by Neil. She tells her decision that she will always be with him, no matter how hard his past pushes them away. She tells Neil that he has changed her into a better person, even when she lied and cheated him for marriage. She tells him that if he can love her for all her mistakes, she can even show a big heart by accepting his past. She finds Neil’s love selfless. She tells him that she will never leave him. She asks Neil not to feel guilty again. Neil thanks her for support. They have a moment.

Juhi gets jealous seeing them. Ragini Pandit fills Juhi’s mind with poison. She asks Juhi to do something to make Avni out of Neil’s life, so that she can step in Avni’s place. Juhi gets new desires in heart. She decides to get back in Neil’s life. Neil takes a step to get Mishti’s DNA test done. Juhi learns Neil and Avni’s move and gets upset. She gets angry on Avni. She thinks of some plan to stop them. She calls Vidyut to get help from him.

Juhi scares Mishti of Vidyut. She asks Mishti to stay away from Avni, and be with her, as she is her real mother. Mishti doesn’t believe Juhi. She wants to get back to Avni. Mishti asks Avni who is her mother. The family deals with another problem. Mishti tells them that Juhi told her. She asks if Juhi said true to her. Neil asks Juhi why did she take this step, this can hurt Mishti more. Juhi starts showing her colors. She tells them that truth will never change. Avni asks Juhi not to hurt Mishti.

Juhi tells Neil that Vidyut can catch them anytime, its better Mishti knows the truth and gets prepared. Mishti gets unconscious by fear. Juhi asks Avni to focus on Mishti’s welfare than getting the DNA test done. Juhi stops their move by using Mishti. Neil and Avni try to make Mishti normal. Juhi calls up Vidyut to tell him about Neil’s plan. Vidyut asks Juhi to stop dreaming of marrying Neil. He provokes her to conceal the truth. Ragini Pandit tries to help Vidyut. Bebe learns Mishti is not Neil’s daughter and Juhi has been lying to the family.


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