New twist knocks Naren-Pooja’s happiness in Piyaa Albela

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Supriya worries for Pooja’s life, while the latter prays for Supriya’s recovery in the temple. Rahul acts good towards Naren. He attempts to win Naren’s trust. Surbhi and Rakesh plan to kill Pooja. Rakesh assures Surbhi that he will send Pooja to heaven. Naren learns Supriya is not at home. Supriya heads to the temple to save Pooja. Harish arrives to the temple and sees Pooja’s Pratigya to for Supriya. Supriya and Harish witness the moment when Rakesh attacks Pooja. Pooja bravely fights with him. Pooja’s prayers get answered when Supriya saves her life. A huge bell falls over Pooja, leaving everyone stunned.

Pooja gets hurt when the temple bell falls on her head. She gets a head injury. Supriya’s problems goes over Pooja, as per the latter’s wish. Naren gets supporting Pooja. He takes care of her. Pooja remembers Naren. The entire family welcomes Pooja home in a delightful way. They all sing and dance around her. Supriya does Pooja’s aarti. Naren plays guitar and sings a beautiful song for Pooja.


Post accident, Pooja’s homecoming brings happiness. Pooja keeps getting dizzy. Naren holds her and takes her to the room. He asks her to take rest. Harish feels Pooja looks lost and unhappy. Naren tries to make things normal for Pooja. Supriya tells Pooja that the marriage arrangements are still on. Naren shows his sherwani and tries to cheer up Pooja. Pooja’s state gets suffering. The family feels Pooja’s life got saved, and now everything will get fine. Everyone gives roses to Pooja. Supriya gets the bridal dress and jewelry for her bahu. She tells Pooja that she is waiting to see her as the bride. Something is not well with Pooja. The family is very happy that Supriya has recovered completely and got her memory back. The marriage will get a twist when Pooja’s health condition gets worse.


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