Teni learns Parth’s spying stride in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth is not able to forgive Teni. He still feels Teni is responsible for Shorvori’s death. Parth is trying to spy on Teni. He hires a detective to find out Teni’s truth. He keeps an eye on Teni. The detective gives all the info about Teni. Parth looks for an important file in the room. He doesn’t get it and asks the servant. Dadi tells him that she will send someone to find the file.

Parth doubts that Teni is behind this. Teni goes to his room and gets the phone. She learns Parth is spying on her. She doesn’t want Parth’s misunderstandings to grow further. She gets the detective’s number from his phone. Parth gets confused on finding his phone somewhere else. Teni makes a leave from his room. Parth misses to see her. Parth wants to prove Teni’s crime. Teni wants to meet the detective and know what proof will he give to Parth.

She is innocent and wants Parth to believe this too. She thinks how can the detective prove her crime. She doubts someone is fooling Parth for money. Teni calls up the detective and fixes a meet. Teni goes to the detective’s house and meets him. She tries to explain him that she is innocent. He asks her why is she scared if she is really innocent. She says you should not play with Parth’s emotions. She warns him. She confronts him about the evidence he has against her. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt Parth as she loves him.


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